Sunday, May 3, 2009


So we got back from Laguna yesterday. It was very tiring, the trip was about 3 hours because of the traffic, i HATED it but anyways.. i did not write this entry because of my Laguna trip but I wrote this because a while ago, i was taking a bath and the TV is on(yes, naliligo ako ng nakabukas yung TV. LOL.). I was listening to Myx and the show that time was Backtracks. It's kinda weird that the song "Wherever you will go" by The Calling is already played there. I was like 11 years old when this song is released and I can still remember singing it with my brothers. HAHA. Ganun na ba ako katanda? NOOOO! LOL. Oh well, time really flies SO fast.

Again, about my Laguna Trip yesterday, the Toledo family visited us and HELL YEA, I missed them loads! I really miss the old YFC days where i was just a member. I love my chapter now but I still can't let go of the old times. That is where I really grew up and I thank those people from that YFC time because they were the ones who helped me grow and lead. It's just that I missed them. I saw Jonjon and Julian and OMG, they are so big already! Aww. I just wish everything will go back to how they were. :c But hey, look on the bright side.. the YFC now in our chapter is better than ever.. I just hope things won't get messy because of.. uhh, basta.

Enough of the past. It's over! :D


Anonymous said...

I was 13 when that song was released and I agree with you time really flies. hahahaha =). I'm turning 21 already, tsk tsk...too bad, my age clock will tick again. hahaha

Keiyt said...

Ganyan ba talaga kapag nag turn 19 na? O_o pero infairness, ang feeling ko ang tanda tanda ko na. Meron ngang nagplurk na may bagong Toy Story movie, next year. Eh yung last 1999 pa. Grabe parang kailan lang yun ha! Ang bilis ng panahon. :|

Anonymous said...

lol. ang tagal na pala nun. may story yang kant na yan sa akin eh.

istepanyak said...

Makis: OMG, talaga? I was 11 that time. :) HAHA. Tsaka hello, nagwowork ka na! hahaha.

Keiyt: TSE! LOL. Nagulat lang ako! hahaha. Talaga? Well, di ako fan ng Toy Story pero omg! haha.

Ish: Yihee, bring back memories ba? LOL.

Happy said...

pucha you're old na nga. i don't even know that song BWAHAHAHAHA


istepanyak said...

ASA! Ang yabang mo!HAHAHAHA.