Sunday, October 17, 2010

My hell-est sem in words

Sorry for being so busy this sem, not my fault that tumblr has been such a distraction! LOL. So this is THE BLOG ABOUT MY HELL-EST SEM TO DATE.

I'm really happy that this semester is over. It's just liberating! It was my stressing semester to date.

Maybe it was because of experimental Psychology, which was really really really full of loads. No more lab reports every week, readings for Philo, Friday quizzes for Theo class and all the stress. Wow, I don't really know what to blog about. Haha! I am just so happy that I am free from all the stress...

.... but I am so nervous about my grades. I really think I will fail my Experimental Psychology lab class. I did a lot of mistakes this sem and most of those mistakes, I did during my Expe Psy lab class. It's just so so sad. If I fail this sem, it will be my first F of my whole life and I am SRSLY gonna be sad for a long time but I know I'll get over it. I am just worried on how I'll tell my parents about it and how will this F give me such a big hassle. OH WELL.
Basta this sem was just sorta awesome. I am happy that I survived Fr. Dacanay's class. I know I will not fail that class because when I computed my grades, I have a 1.70 something without the finals and the paper so yehey! At least I can have a D even if I fail both requirements. Haha! And I got an A for Physio. WOHOOO.

Expectations before school started:
Theology C+
Philosophy B+
Expe (lab) B
Expe (lec) B
Physiology B+
Cog Psy B+

Expectation before grades come out:

Theology C
Philosophy B
Expe (lab) F :(
Expe (lec) C
Physiology A
Cog Psy B

This is what I think. I really hope for a miracle about my Expe Lab. :(

I can't wait for the sleepover with my high school friends! Drink drink drink. Nomnomnom!!!! :)

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