Friday, November 19, 2010

The effect of watching the Thanksgiving episode of One Tree Hill :)

What am I thankful for?
I am thankful for the best family ever. My family is not perfect but every imperfection is something to be thankful for. A very loud but caring mother. A very pessimistic but hardworking father. A strict and nerd brother. A serious and funny brother. A hot tempered and funny brother. A pasaway and sometimes normal brother and a disrespectful(sometimes) but sweet little sister. I love you all.

I am thankful for the best-est friends I have. High school wouldn't have been the best without them and I am serious when I say that I couldn't imagine being in another group. I am thankful that I can be me with them and that they care and love me as much as I care and love them. Thank you Marianne, Patricia, Ter, Rheapaz, Patty G., Liberty, Jessie, Nina, Bullet and Betbet! :) I love you all.

I am thankful for the college friends I made. With them, I learned more about life through the different personalities I encountered. My life in UST would have been boring without having their company. My life in ADMU would have been lonely without TR, C2 and other classmates/friends. I love you all.

I am thankful for being in a life changer community. I am thankful for the friends I made in this community and I would forever be grateful that I can all count on them, that I can hang out with them anytime and that I can go to different provinces on a weekend without showering with them. :) I love you all.

The people, the environment, the things. Everything in my life, I am thankful for. Maybe something is missing but nevertheless, everything is okay and someday, it will be amazing.

With all this, a God I love so much is the best person to be truly grateful for. The reason, the beginning, the way. I love you.


Anonymous said...

I know there's no thanksgiving day there, but still *belated* happy thanksgiving.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year, and to sum it up - I'm thankful for being one of His children. :)


Tepainie said...

So, how'd you celebrate your Thanksgiving there? :)


Febbe said...

i'm thankful for finding my soulmate. its whats i'm most grateful.

Tepainie said...

Aww. That's the sweetest ;)