Sunday, March 14, 2010

The night-before-hell-week-starts-again :)

Last night, March 13 was a very fun night! It was all about booze, gossip, friendship, food and love ♥! :) I met up with Marlo at around 6:30 in Gateway to look for an Italian restaurant where we could eat. ;) We ended up in Cibo because I don't really have enough money for Italianis haha! Anyways, we stayed there in Cibo for like 2 hours! =))) We were talking about a lot of things and we were laughing a lot.. A lot meaning A LOT! Lol. (Edwardnotyetavampire Cullen for the win! =)) )

We left Cibo at around 9 then nag-ayos ng sarili sa CR. LOL. LRT then cab to LGV. More laughtrip session and OMg, I hate you taxi driver for driving too fast and too weird. I was so dizzy. :| And you are asking too much! DUUH, kaya nga may metro yung taxi diba? KAINEZ much? Anyways, we arrived David's house and we saw Buh&Marie outside. YIHEEE ♥! :))

TR Represent: Marlo and I! We were the only blockmates who could make it. Anyways, I had a lot of fun with drunk Buh and Marie :)) Had some shots then left. lol.

So Kuya Justine picked me up at LGV then he brought me to Anjo's place at Northview 1. Everybody was outside when I arrived and they welcomed me warmly. Aww, I missed you all. It's been a long time since I saw these ladies that is why I missed them so so much. ♥

I arrived there kind of tipsy so sorryyyy! Anyways, more booze. Yes, i drank more and more because I was enjoying every single minute because of the stress and sleepless nights I will be having this coming 2 weeks. :( So after drinking, I went out with Patlo and Abi because I want to make chismis with them about a lot of stuffs. I just want to let everything out so I did and yes, I am not alone. LOVE YOUUU PATLO AND ABI!
Because my brother is drunk again, he again does not know what he is doing anymore so we Pat, Abi, Arkie, Lady and I are sitting on the gutter far away from Anjo's house and Kuya Jim suddenly arrived holding a bottle of San Mig Light. I don't know how it started because I was too dizzy or I just don't really care so I left with Abi because she was also having problems with ze boyfriends :)) Next thing I know, Lady called me and told me that Patlo and Kuya Jim are fighting so I ran to them and stopped them before Patlo can punch Kuya Jim. LOL. =)) =)) =)) So we went father away from Anjo's house and just stayed on Jade corner Chrystolite(?) street. Yehey! haha. We stayed there for a long time and just talked until Patlo calms down.

So yes, that night was full of drama. I hate it. lol. But still I had fun and I still love the people who made that night AWESOME! We had a roadtrip to Congressional because of Agi then Dex brought us home. Yehey, thanks thanks.

So yes, that was my night before hell starts again. I should be writing my paper but here I am updating my blog because I want to.. LOL. or not, I am just procrastinating! =)) Oh well.



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. You made me miss the hardest psych class I ever had. But it's a fun class too. Dev Psy really makes people think!

istepanyak said...

Haha! I know! It was a fun class pero super antok lang talaga ako lagi kasi after lunch yung time ng Dev Psy ko haha! :))

Btw, you commented on the wrong entry haha! :)) Pero okay lang! :))

Anonymous said...

Yes, have fun first before hell week! :)

istepanyak said...

Yes! We all should.