Monday, April 12, 2010

I am a Youth for Christ member for 7 years now. I feel so old and uhh, old. I used to be just a member and part of the babies in the chapter but now, I am one of the old people and I am surrounded by very young kids. LOL. and in a few years, I can be part of SFC already and that thought really makes me feel so so so old :( Anyways, I have been to 6 International Leader's Conference already and every ILC, I learn different things that makes me grow as a daughter, sister, YFC member, student and a child of God.

So I am back from ILC Baguio. I am inspired, motivated and moved.
I did not really plan on going to ILC because of some reasons I do not want to elaborate because it's too personal lol. but I did because of hmm, I really do not know. Maybe because of Abi or I just want to go to Baguio and have a vacation. I am not really sure but what I am sure of is I am going not because of the ILC itself but since God loves me so so much, He made me realize a lot of things and He does moves in mysterious ways.

My ILC experience was really brought TO THE MAX. To the max ang lamig sa Baguio tuwing gabi at To the max ang init nung Sunday morning :)) Ok, I really thought about the things that hinders me from living fully and boy did I thought of a lot of things. I am like this now because of all my insecurities, desperation, grudges and fear. I am not getting what I want because of these things and I believe God is really preparing me for something better and wonderful. I may be sad right now and in pain but I will be okay and very happy when the right time comes. I am alive so I should live. I should really dwell on the present and stop looking at the past. Yes, so someday I will learn how to live fully and really live to the max because God's love for me is to the max.


Count your blessings. Yes, I kind of forgot that but ILC made me remember it. When I was a kid, I used to thank God for everything.. the trees, flowers, sky, stars and other small stuff. lol. And during the ILC, I remembered those little things that make me happy and I suddenly feel so so blessed again. I will forever be thankful for all my blessings including these people that makes me happy in YFC.
I haven't been really active for the past years so I forgot what it feels like to worship and just praise God. This ILC really made me remember a lot of things I already forgot. I will try my best to be really active again and as ex-Chapter head of F2, I will really try my best to help the chapter be inspired and motivated as I am right now because that is all I can contribute. I will forever be proud to be part of North B, especially North B6c. I will start to serve God again.. TO THE MAX.

I'll forever worship you, My God with all of my heart.


Anonymous said...

wow Tepai. I was an active YFC member when I was in high school. Super. I could still remember the YFC camps. I miss being a part of it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I like this post. Sarap ng feeling kase pag alam mong nakakatulong ka at kasama sa pagwoworship. I want also to be a part of it. Hahaha!

istepanyak said...

MAKIS, talaga? COOL. Are you SFC now? Yes, Youth camps are fun and the best :)

MARLA, I knooow. It was such a nice feeling that you can just praise and worship God for a weekend without all the stress. Haha! Go, join YFC :)

Paola ♥ said...

Wow! That's nice to hear that sis Tepai. :)) Hope and pray that you'll be more spiritually mature as you walk [again] with the Lord. :)) and oh, im not a YFC member but I'm a Born Again Christian. :)

istepanyak said...

Yes yes. Aww, thank you. I really had a wonderful experience that's why I shared it with you guys :) Ow, okay okay :)

Keiyt said...

Ito pala yon. My friend went to Baguio for this, too! Wala lang. Sayang nga hindi tayo sabay nag punta.

Mukhang sobrang saya to be a part of YFC and all - for Christ! Hindi nga lang ako kasali but I'm still for Christ! ;)

istepanyak said...

Really? Youth for Christ din siya? :) Dapat sumabay ka na! haha!

Sali ka na, it's not too late. LOL =))

Anonymous said...

lagi kong gustong sumali ng ganyan. kaso ang lalayo ng groups dito eh.

istepanyak said...

Talaga? Malayo sa place niyo? Pati SFC?

Anonymous said...

Hello. I wanna pass this award: to you. :) Continue to inspire and for being grateful.