Monday, June 30, 2008


Got this from Loui/Ashen. I am bored. SORRY! haha.

Hi, my name is: Tepai
but you can call me: anytime
Never in my life have I: tried jumping off a building :))
The one person who can drive me nuts is: anyone actually :))
My high school is/was: the best thing ever.
When I’m nervous: I feel butterflies in my stomach :D Lol.
The last song I listened to was: Bye Bye by Mariah
If I were to get married right now it would be to: Chris Tiu. OH YEA! =))
My hair is: messy.
When I was 4: I am studying at Ideal Montessori.
Last Christmas: I gave you my heart but the very next day.. you gave it away! WAHAHA. =))
I should be: doing papers for English :))
When I look down I see: the floor
The happiest recent event was: seeing Chris Tiu. LOL.
If I were a character on "Friends", I would be: ... i don't watch Friends. hahaha. Pwedeng OTH na lang, i would be HALEY SCOTT so that i could kiss JAMES LAFFERTY! haha =))
By this time next year: I'll be a second year student at last. :))
My current gripe is: ... long exams.
I have a hard time understanding: MATH or BOTANY
There’s this girl: that I want to be friends with.
If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: my friends. Okay, lahat sila.
I want to buy: clothes :D
Where do you plan to visit: Ireland :))
If you spent the night at my house: i'd eat everything in your ref. haha.
The world could do without:
Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: was food! :)
Most recent thing someone else bought me: was Cheetos.
My middle name is: Bihis
In the morning I: wake up
Last night I was: asleep
There’s this guy I know who: is HOT but he's GAY!
If I were an animal I’d be a: bird. i want to fly up in the sky.
A better name for me would be: Lokaret.
Tomorrow I am: Steph
Tonight I am: Steph
My birthday is: a blast.


Ashen said...

you lovin' surveys too? i love those because they help me produce more posts. LOL :)

tepaio1 said...

Actually i just do it when i am bored. LOL. Eh lagi akong bored. HAHA =))

soo-min-shai said...

lokaret! natawa naman ako sayo aminado ka. ahaha! anyways you love to eat and eat and eat but ur look sooo petite.. inggit ako.. ahaha!