Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C+, I must sustain you

So I got my results in my Physics exam yesterday. It was too fast haha. Well, what do I expect, Sir only has one class(our class) with 16 students. HAHA. I got 43 out of a hundred! THANKS! HAHA. I kinda expected something like NEGATIVE 1? haha. Coz may pagka right minus wrong siya. Waaaa, I am actually happy with my score haha. Kasi alma ko naman na bagsak.. Pero wow, mataas na bagsak!HAHA. Okay, the other good thing was I got a C+ for my advisory mark. Now all I need to do is sustain it. YAY.

Physics, I will not fail youuuuu!
Sir, don't fail me toooooo! hahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

congrats and goodluck

tepaio1 said...