Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ely Buendia, I crush youuu

Yesterday, the Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Final Set was a HUGE SUCCESS. I was one of the 100,000 who witnessed this once in a lifetime event. It was AWESOME. I can't really explain what I felt yesterday when I heard their first note. NAKS. haha. but seriously, it was undescribable lol. but it's the same feeling when I heard Alapaap during the first reunion concert. I was going craazzzy and shouting at the same time.

I grew up listening to their songs because my brother usually plays it over and over and over and over. lol. Plus, during looong trips, I remember listening to Huling El Bimbo beside my crush(ehem, hulaan niyo na lang kung sino :)) ) So I started loving this band since I was a kid, maybe because that's the only OPM band I knew that time. HAHA. I loved them together with Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys! HAHA. Jologs much?

I think everybody loves Eraserheads because their song was really great! They captured every heart of a Filipino with their simple but incredible songs. They have really simple songs but everybody can relate to it. Take for example, Pare Ko.. it is a very simple song but everybody knows it. You can hear people singing this in their videoke machine because people relates to it. That's why I crush Ely Buendia. He composed most of their songs and WOW, I loved every song in their albums. Raimund Marasigan, you made me laugh! haha :) ANKYOT MO!

Good thing I watched this concert because days before, I have no plan of watching because I can't find anyone who will watch with me in Gold A. Because I love Patricia Talaue and I am a true friend(hahaha), I accompanied her to Bronze even though my brother told me a day before the concert that he is willing to accompany me to Gold. :c Kung marami lang talaga akong pera, nilibre na kita sa Gold pero isa lang ang afford ko e. Even though I was too far to see Eheads, hearing them play is enough. It's the experience that's important. Irreplacable yung experience :) Tsaka during the encore, we went to Gold Woot woot! It was amazing. Patricia, yesterday was an adventure because of youu! HAHA. I enjoyed every single minute, NAKS! HAHA.

I loved how Marcus sang Huwag mo nang itanong. HAT! I loved Raimund Marasigan doing a lot of SABAW stuffs. HAHA. Ely, you rock! HAHA.


ellolouisa said...

me and my friend were text messaging about it.
We were like, 'if we were in the Philippines, we will so totally go there'
too bad me and him are not.
you're lucky. :D

Anonymous said...

good thing eli did not faint. =)

tepaio1 said...

Ellolouisa: My friend's sister went home for this. SAYANG!

Ate Makis: If he did, Ill kill him. Kidding. Yea, he put up a great show. Bumawi tlaga siya from his last performance. Ang galing.