Sunday, March 15, 2009

Summer heat.

Summer, I can't wait.
Summer, I am excited.
Summer, let us go.

I can feel the summer heat and it makes me excited about this year's summer. I dunno why, maybe because I am really stressed this school year. It is a first. lol. Even though I will take advance classes this summer, I don't care. I just want to go to the beach and relax even for a while. Another thing is I will only get 2 classes so it would not be so hard compared to this school year.

So here is my annual to do list this summer.

1. Go to the beach.
2. Enroll for advance classes.
3. Enroll for some class (Either soccer or dance)
4. Go to Laguna, SWIM! :)
5. Go to Subic with M&M.
6. Go to Subic with UST friends.
7. Go somewhere with Block TR.
8. Do something for my birthday. A party or go somewhere.
9. Shopping, shopping, mall.
10. Party with Marianne and Rhea before they leave for the States.

So there. I can't really wait.

What's left:
3 finals. (Physics Lab, Lec and Lit)
2 papers. (Fil and Eng)
1 group report (Fil)
1 project (Math)



Anonymous said...

good luck with the finals. enjoy the summer heat!

istepanyak said...

Thanks Ish! :) You too :D

thea said...

gosh. summer heat! I hate it! LOL but im so excited to hit the beach with my friends.. although im not a beach person.. i hate the sun. LOL XD I just wanna go with them to have some fun..

wow you're gonna enroll for advance classes? cool! and oh, go for dance class!! :) I love to dance. lol. but hey, if you like soccer better then its cool. being in the field, running and stuffs. :)

goodluck for your 3 finals.. 2 papers, your group report and hopefully you're done with your project for math! LOL

and hello summer vacation!

istepanyak said...

Me too, i wanna go to the beach to have some fun and relax. Yah know, far from Manila. haha.

Yes I am. Coz i wanna have less loads next school year. Ill have majors already so I need to concentrate. haha :)) I love to dance too but i want to learn soccer.