Friday, March 27, 2009

Bummer Summer

Now, I am free from all the Physics long tests, English papers and Math projects. Freedom mhen. I can feel it. This week, this week, this week..

: Physics finals/long test. SHET. That's all.

: Sir posted our grades and HELL YEA, I passed. C ata ako or C+.. basta pasado.. That is all that matters. but I failed the finals! WHAHAHAHAH =)) Well, i failed all the long tests he gave. It's over 50 and I
got 29. At least more than half. lol. c: Right minus .5 pag mali pa yan! hahaha. OHA! lol.

84521 29 69.62

Another thing happened, we had a homecoming for Gladys who arrived from Malaysia. Guess what, they won? WOW noh? Pang-international na ang Holy Pep lol. Dati lagi kayong 2nd place, ngayon.. dalawang place(champion and 2nd runner up) pa yung napanalunan niyo hahaha.

My sister with all her freebies. Unfair haha.


Congratulations School of the Holy Spirit Pep Squad!

So I am a Proud SHSian and sister lol.
Do watch.

Wednesday: Last day baby. Exam's at 1:30. Tambay sa Caf for a long time. Nasa likod ko lang yung crush ko *blush* pero hindi ko naman nakita ng malapitan kasi sa iba ako dumaan. Tsk3x. HOWELL, at least I saw him. HOPELESS. After Lit exam, Marlo, Kristel and I went to Flaming Wings. I will miss their Wicked Oreo.

Flaming Wings

Then we stayed at Starbucks for a looong time coz we can't decide what to do haha. Super sabaw talks and laughtrips. Oooh and Kristel saw her love of her life! hahaha. Lu lu! c:

After Marlo left, Kristel and I went to Shoppersville to buy some supplies then walked to Petron. I ate at Jollibee, yum yum chickenjoy! Bee HAPPY! Tambay-ed for a while then took a jeep to LGV.
I looked at Kristel's yearbook and OMG, I was laughing out loud. haha.
Here's the sitch: Their editor-in-chief lost some of the people's write ups so what she did was she placed their sort of poem/prayer in Zobel haha. Then those without baby pictures have Mickey Mouse as their baby picture! WAHAHAHAHA c: Then some creative shots really made me laugh and one guy has no grad pic so his picture was like taken from friendster or something WAHAHAHAH.
Then we jogged. Yehey. Kristel was spotting this hot body guy who was jogging also. haha. We were supposed to go to their clubhouse but.. hindi namin nakaya! hahahahaha :))

While jogging c: Kristel, super jogging outfit. Steph, skwater!

Water break. I loved the lights.

Thursday: Bummer day #1. I did nothing. Sat in front of the computer the whole day and watched OTH. Yehboy, HELLO SUMMER! c:

Just my piknik, laptop and me the whole day c:


Anonymous said...

congrats sa sister mo. congrats din dahil free ka na! lol.

istepanyak said...

Thanks and thanks! haha :)

Ashen said...

at least napasa mo. sayang yung finals. hehe. pero there's always next time pa naman di ba? :]

istepanyak said...

Yuh, masaya na talaga ako dun! haha c: No more next time, no more Physics ever! hahahahaha

krinGALING said...

AYNAKO Grabe yung freebies nung kapatid mo! Gusto ko nga kunin yung iba eh! HAHA JOKE.

Ang saya niyo lang nila Marlo :))

istepanyak said...

I knooow haha. Di pa nga niya nakukuha yung iba e! haha :))

Keiyt said...

Kasali pala yung kapatid mo don. Congrats! :)

YESSSS. Summer vacation mo na rin at congrats sa pag pasa!! WOOHOOO. Ako naman magkaka pisiks at kem. HAHAHA.

istepanyak said...

Yhuuz, thanks :)

I knoooow. Grabe, gusto ko na magsecond year noh haha. Eew, goodluck with that :))

soo-min-chai said...

natutuwa akong basahin mo steph.. enjoy talaga.. lol..

congrats s lil sis.. and sayo.. =p

marklawrencecruz said...

thanks and thanks dear! :) Keep on reading lol.

istepanyak said...

marklawrencecruz is me :)) I accidentally used my brother's email lol.