Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars. Physics and Long Tests

So I woke up early today to study for my long tests tomorrow but I ended up watching the Oscars, deym! HAHA. It's a good thing that I watched Slumdog Millionaire yesterday, nakarelate ako! So Slumdog Millionaire bagged a lot of awards including Best Picture! Wow! Well, the movie was awesome. It was unique and cool! ASTIG! .. and to all those who watched it already, agree with me.. the girl looks like Iza Calzado! HAHA. Ang funny pa kagabi, I can't remember her name so I searched it in the net haha. (not a kapuso fan haha) Anyways, I won't spoil anything.. you should all watch it.

Penelope Cruz won for supporting actress and Heath Ledger(may he rest in peace) won for supporting actor, i cried :c. Kate Winslet won for best actress and Sean Penn for best actor. Now I am getting curious about that movie Milk. I wanna see him being gay and all hahahaha. After his role as Sam. LOL. Anyways, this year's Oscars was great! The production and all plus Hugh Jackman did a great job. Thumbs up, galing mo kumanta haha.

So now, I should be studying for Physics but deym, I just don't get it. I HATE PHYSICS. I will fail, i know. SHET! Nafefeel ko na napipiga na yung utak ko, i swear! Di ko mageeeeeets! :c Waaa. Failuuuuure. Oh well, I will just study for Fil.

Hello FAILURE. =|

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