Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye Christmas break

I am blogging now just because I CHANGED MY LAYOUT lol. And since it will be super ugly if I just post one sentence in this blog post, I'm gonna rant about some things that is really irrelevant. So if you don't really have the time... you should have stopped after the first sentence. :)

I love Christmas season. It's the best holiday ever. It's a time for me to have an excuse to say things lol. Anyway, Christmas season is about to end and it sucks. It made me realized that I need to go back to my life and put on a game face for all the school works I have to finish before Wednesday. It sucks.

Also, my aunt's family is here. My aunt and her daughter arrived yesterday while her two sons were here already before they arrived. They are kinda having a little reunion haha. So, I am here at Ate Coco's house and no one's at home. They went shopping and I can't go with them because of those fcking schoolworks. GAWD.

So it's 20 fcuking 11 already. It's supposed to be my graduation year. FCUK THAT. All my friends are graduating this year... which makes me feel sad but oh well, I like school (the hanging out with friends and leaving the house part. Not the classroom part). But I think it will be really weird when all my friends are working already and I'm still studying but that would be fun too. They can treat me and I have the excuse to say that 'you guys are earning money already.' Haha!

What else? Oh this post is totally random and I don't even know what else to talk about. I'm just happy that I had the time to change my layout. After a year or so.


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