Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun night indeed

October 4, 2008- Katie's debut

HAPPY DEBUT KATRINA MONTIERRO. It was really a fun night for me. Weekend before finals. HAHA. So, i did enjoyed myself before hell week and all. I had chance to meet my UST blockmates again after a long long long time. I really missed them so much that I.. finally asked my dad to let me sleep over at Mina's tita's house. That is how i love them. :) So after Katie's debut, my UST blockmates decided to leave so i said goodbye to Joe and Katie. We rode at Rap's car.

We passed by nineteen20 because Rap visited his friends then we went straight to Metrowalk. Walang kwenta. Ultimate Tambay mode. :) Arayt? haha :)) but i still had fun. Laughtrips.

We stayed there until 4(or basta past 3am) then we went straight to Proj 6. We slept there but Yrish, Mina and I did not sleep. HAHA.

Kami ang nagbantay sa bahay! haha :)) We ate siomai because i was really hungry. Pagkatapos magising ng lahat ng tao, ako naman ang natulog before the Mcdo person arrives! haha =)) Pero super sandali lang. Haha. :)) Pancakes for breakfast. YUMYUM. We went home after eating breakfast.

A lot of revelation happened. Ehem. I missed them kaya wala na tuloy akong alam. haha.
Mina and Jericho, Kurt and isa pa na hindi ko kilala :))
Sheena and Michael(uhm, luma na toh.) Sheena and Jigs :))
Marvsz and Rap (ay, this is my favorite. Todo dulas si Marvsz. haha :)) )

I hate feeling this feeling. It's not REAL yet i feel happy.

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