Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mature Life

It's been a while since my last post and I have been really busy with work, family and everything about life in general. I'm dying but good thing I have a wonderful boyfriend who inspires and motivate me Hihi!

Anyway, all I want to post about are the things that keep me busy :)

1. Bills
I am starting to pay the bills for our house and seriously, IT'S CRAZY! Our electric and water bills are stressful. Plus, budgeting for food is super stressful when there are around 15 people in your house. Although, I'm good with the responsibility. But I just don't really like holding too much money. I think I'm more of a spender than a saver, which is really bad that's why as much as possible, I try to save.

2. Work

I have resigned from Starbucks a month ago and I started working for our family business 2 weeks ago. Working with your brothers is both fun and irritating. It's fun when you get to go out during work hours because I semi hold my time. Boo yeah. It's kind of stressful though because there are a lot of work to be done and issues to fix. This week is full of meetings and I am kind of dying. Some of the old issues in my life is coming back and I can't help it. It's just so hard to work with your family and then be just that. Bla blah bla. It's hard but I don't want to give up. I just wish there's another way.

3. Love life

When I'm not with family or friends, I'm with this little boy ❤ Although our relationship is a very crazy rollercoaster ride these past few weeks, I still love him to bits. Despite all the differences, I still manage to deal with everything even if sometimes I feel alone, boo! But I know that we can survive. ONE MONTH AND A FEW DAYS LEFT BEFORE WE TURN ONE 😍 Can't believed that he survived my PMS days and all those panlalaits from all my brothers. Cheesy but I love this guy so much, I couldn't ask for more.

4. Friends
These people are that people who keep me sane after all the craziness in the real world (WOW) But seriously, I don't know how I can survive without these people. I just wish I could just travel and stay with LFF's for a loooong time! The city's getting crazy and we must get out. Anyway, every after work, I have been going out because I need to. So yeh, sometimes they are the reason why my nights are busy. But it's a good type of busy :)

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