Friday, August 23, 2013


The weather for the past few days have been crazy. I, together with my brothers, sisters-in-law and nieces were victims of this typhoon but we were very lucky to have found a home. We got home from our Cebu-Bohol trip last August 20 (Tuesday) and we were welcomed by the crazy rain. We were very eager to go home because we were all tired from our early morning flight. Unfortunately we were trap because all the roads going to C5 was flooded and EDSA was not passable to all vehicles. 

Fortunately though, my brother called our client in DSWD NROC to ask if they are open and they can accommodate us until the flood subsides. We stayed there and ate cup noodles and Sky flakes for breakfast. For lunch, I went to NAIA Terminal 2 again to buy Jollibee and the line was supppeer long. There were a lot of people stranded at the airport. I lined up for more than an hour and waited for my food for another 20 minutes. When I got back to DSWD, my brother told me that we need to get going because Dinky Soliman is going there. 

At airport road (?)

When we left DSWD, we were all updating through twitter (THANKS MMDA TWITTER PERSON!!) for all the flooded areas. Unfortunately again for us, it's still flooded everywhere. We tried going to EDSA and Buendia but everywhere we go was not passable. We were planning on taking the LRT and MRT already just so we could go home and leave the car somewhere but it was very difficult for us to commute because we have 3 kids with us. But again we were very fortunate because someone adopted us for the night. We stayed at a friend's house in Paranaque and they even fed us good food (THANK YOU SO MUCH). We are very fortunate for having a place to stay and the whole night I was praying for the people who weren't very fortunate like us. 

We got home at around 9am the next day, Aug. 21. I finally had the time to take a bath (Thank God) and rested for a while. At around 4pm, we are going back to Paranaque but this time for Gawad Kalinga's relief operations. It was time to help those who weren't as fortunate as we are and even if we are all super tired from our misadventure, we still managed to help out and give our best for the least. 

Gawad Kalinga's relief ops
The relief ops finished at around 11:30pm and we got home at 12. I was so tired from the trip and relief ops but it was a good kind of fatigue :) I would really like to join the distribution of relief at Laguna the next day but unfortunately, I have work.

I am proud to be part of Gawad Kalinga that cares for the least :) I won't hesitate to give back, especially to those who needs it most.

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