Monday, September 1, 2014

{Life Lately: Getting back up}

Going through a lot these past few months and I just don't know where to go. Fortunately, I am finding my way back up so sharing a few tidbits of my life lately (all positive because I don't want to rant about my problems anymore). Also, it's the first of September, almost there and I will say good bye (again) to another year of ups and downs.

The best friend during my alone time

I can never go wrong with chill / happy vibes / kilig books like Eleanor & Park to make me happy. I have finished reading books like this (Paper Town, Everyday, Why we broke up etc) in 2 weeks time. I swear, you guys (if ever someone is reading this), read this kind of books when you are feeling down :) It helped me realize things about my life (friends, family etc). It may be patweetums / pacute but it can give you life lessons that can help you forever!

The rainy days and its perks

I always loved rainy days until I started commuting. I started to hate rainy days ever since I experienced my first flood experience in UST (oh the horror!) and getting stranded at work to wait for the rain to stop. But recently, the things happening in my life made me love rainy days again. I started to notice the beauty of seeing droplets of water fall on my window and the calm that the sound of the rain gives me. And of course, having my favorite English Breakfast (milk) tea while doodling / reading. I think these rainy days gave me time for myself (since I'm so lazy to go out when it's raining) 

Family bonding

Coming from a big family, with siblings who have their own family already, it's a rare occasion to spend time with them. This unplanned bowling Sunday night with them really just arrived in perfect timing. It started because one of my brothers just bought new socks and he wanted to try it out (HAHA!) but yes, it was a great evening. It was girls vs boys and my first shot (is that what they call it? Or first bowl? Sounds wrong though) was a strike. Boo yeah! We lost though but nonetheless, we won for the cutest players :)

Oh great movies (and creative memes!)

I have been waiting for this movie ever since I saw it last year. And it did not disappoint. I swear, I loved Samurai X before and I'm so happy that the director / producer / casting directors did this series justice. The action scenes were awesome and everything else was amazing! 

And yes, kudos also to people who can think of memes like Roro ni Kenshin!! Sobrang benta!

I have also been watching / re-watching some of my favorite movies like Celeste & Jesse Forever, Blended etc.

Nothing makes me happier than new furniture

YES! Ever since my sister moved out of my room, I planned on buying new furniture but can't because I don't have the money. Luckily, there were a lot of Mahogany and Acacia trees that fell in our property in Batangas during the recent storm. So my parents just brought it here in Manila and asked their friend to make this for me. Next up, bed side table :)

Chos. My friends make me happier too.

Is it me o sobrang lola vibes na namin ng mga friends ko? We don't take pictures anymore. Haha! We always hang out but we never take pictures anymore. Are we getting old? Huhu! But yes, they made me survive these weeks of emotional breakdown and I will be forever thankful!

So yes, that's my life lately. And feeling really optimistic for the months to come :)

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