Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When the rain falls

It's pouring hard yesterday. As in SUPER DUPER RAIN! I waited for it to stop to go to the meeting at Lady's. We had the meeting, talked about stuffs for the camp then ate. We heard from Lady's parents that GK Brookside was affected by the heavy pour of rain. My father and Kuya Justine went there. I wanted to come but I did some stuffs. Haha. Ayun.

A while ago, Kuya Jim came to me and told me they are going there to give some goods. To make up for my loss yesternight, i joined them. Haha. We arrived there and there are a lot of people like the army, media and other CFC, SFC and YFC people. So we gave the relief goods and was about to go but there was an emergency! haha. Yes, super emergency dahil may nakunan! haha. So Ate Coco told us to leave the van and wait till they get back. Yes, we got STRANDED! haha. We waited for a long long time :D haha. We walked, sit, talked and played with Sining. Haha. I also saw Tito Andy, Tito Benj and Kuya Rommel. After a long wait, Tito Rabbi offered to take us home because it is not good for Sining to stay there. Tito Rabbi's car is in Fil Heights so we passed by the area where there are a lot of mud and mud and mud. Haha. Oo, PUTIK PUTIK PUTIK. As in super putik. The place was really muddy so i could see what happened the night before. I also saw people carrying there TV with mud all over. haha. The place was a mess but thanks to all those who help they have clothes, food and other stuffs needed. Tsaka worship songs were being played. :) So touching.

So, i just arrived home and lo and behold.. there are SFC people that came to give more goods for GK Brookside. God really loves us. See? :)


Erika said...

tag-ulan na ba talaga pag may? feeling ko dapat summer pa eh. :P

tepaio1 said...

I know right? GLOBAL WARMING NA TALAGA! hahaha. :))