Monday, May 19, 2008

Youth Camp

Late blog entry but anyways, here it is.

We had a very successful youth camp. We are blessed with 8 participants. I was really disappointed during the first day seeing 8 participants. Sayang yung effort. What i felt on Friday night was miserable because we have no guitar, no guitarist, late camp servant, few participants and there are a lot of cockroaches(tama ba spelling? hahaha). Anyways, that feeling did not last for long. I get to learn what God was trying to tell me for the chapter. Ever since Tito Jun left, things are not the same. Some was lost and was no where to be found. We really had a hard time finding members from the chapter. Anjo, Pat, Carlo, Abi, Lady, Arkie, Jane and I were what's left from the old F2 chapter. Start from scratch and drama ng chapter namin. God taught us to be humble. To give importance to every member in the chapter and to focus on them. We are taught to let our chapter grow one step at a time and to learn from other people as well. We are blessed with support from the HS based and West B sector. We are blessed with Dave, Leo and Niko. They taught us a lot. I personally got inspired with Dave(nux. Oo, close na kami eh. haha). I just read a blog entry in his multiply. Also the incident of misunderstanding made me realize how lucky we are to have Tito Ver. A very understanding and loving couple coordinator. Thanks. I won't elaborate on what really happened. LAZY! haha. I am also happy that i got the chance to be a faccilitator again. I missed that. I had a great time with Arielle. :) Also the 8 participant was a blessing because for the first time.. we got close to each other fast. During the siesta time.. After the one on one session.. We played Sharades and KURING! It was fun. We got to bond with each other and laugh out loud. Basta, it was fun. The baptism was a success. Dumagsa ang support. Pramis, di namin alam na pupunta yung ibang ka-cluster. Super blessing na hindi na namin alam kung san sila ilalagay! haha. It was fun. The E-night was the best. :) I missed Kalye Onse. aww. :) Ayun. Super great experience tong camp na toh. I really love my chapter, i love my coords and i love God :)

Thanks. :)
You're Young, Enjoy Life. Godbless.

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