Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here's the official UAAP Season 71 First Round schedule, as approved by the UAAP Board last May 28, 2008. In the first round, only the Araneta Coliseum and PhilSports Arena (ULTRA) will be used. The Arena in San Juan will NOT be used at all. In the second round, only one playdate will be played at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium (NAS) while the rest will be at either the Araneta or ULTRA.
July 5 - Araneta Coliseum (Sat)
2 PM - ADU vs FEU
4 PM - UE vs UST

July 6 - Araneta Coliseum (Sun)
2 PM - UP vs NU

July 10 - Ultra (Thu)
2 PM - NU vs UE
4 PM - ADMU vs ADU

July 12 - Ultra (Sat)
2 PM - UP vs UST
4 PM - DLSU vs FEU

July 13 - Ultra (Sun)
2 PM - ADU vs NU
4 PM - UE vs ADMU

July 17 - Ultra (Thu)
2 PM - FEU vs UP
4 PM - UST vs DLSU

July 19 - Ultra (Sat)
2 PM - UP vs ADMU
4 PM - DLSU vs NU

July 20 - Ultra (Sun)
2 PM - ADU vs UE
4 PM - FEU vs UST

July 24 - Ultra (Thu)
2 PM - DLSU vs ADU
4 PM - UE vs UP

July 26 - Ultra (Sat)
2 PM - UP vs DLSU
4 PM - UE vs FEU

July 27 - Ultra (Sun)
2 PM - ADU vs UST
4 PM - ADMU vs NU

July 31 - Ultra (Thu)
2 PM - UST vs NU
4 PM - FEU vs ADMU

August 2 - Araneta Coliseum (Sat)
2 PM - ADU vs UP
4 PM - DLSU vs UE

August 3 - Araneta Coliseum (Sun)
2 PM - NU vs FEU
4 PM - ADMU vs UST,175094.0.html

Opening of the UAAP was a while ago. I watched via TV :)) UP did a good opening although the performance was too long and draggy. Oh well. I got really excited while watching the opening. Haha. I can't wait for Ateneo's games. Aside from admu-dlsu games, i am also looking forward for a admu-ust game. Naks. I know UST's team has strong players especially Jervy Cruz. Kahit na mayabang si Mirza at hmm, magaling siya. haha. :)) Anyways, i also know that ADMU will do great at dahil last year na ni Chris Tiu, dapat sila magchampion. Bring back Season 65. Haha. :)) Ooh, i just can't wait for tomorrow's game. I will watch again via TV :D


Erika said...

we won and you people won. great, great. :D

the opening was long nga talaga nd there were some uhh moments per one can never deny na it was really beautiful and unique, diba? :P

i love uaap, haha.

tepaio1 said...

Oh yes! It was really a great Sunday! :D Super fun. Tense na tense na ako pero okay parin. hahaha.

YEH! Agree. Magaling talaga.

I know. I missed UAAP.