Saturday, January 10, 2009

allergies, hello again

I hate waking up so early in the morning.. there's nothing to do. lol. Drinking have different effects on me.
1. It makes my back itch. SUPER.
2. It makes me sleep late. (parang kape.)
3. It makes me so early.
4. It makes me rant about anything under the sun.

So yah, I had fun yesterday at Patlo's debut. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SEXXY! Unlimited drinks but we have to go kinda early but it's okay, i had enjoyed everything except the singing part. lol. In the ayer! WAHAHAHA.

I missed blogging. This is my first rant for the year, WOW! haha. In 2 months, my blog is a year old. YAY! Happy Birthday. WAHAAHAHAHA.

That's it for now. Imma go to Marianne's crib.


feelinganonymous said...

drinking have a lot of effects on me too.

It makes me tell the truth. hehe.

tepaio1 said...

HAHA. :) Nakakainis noh? lol.

J said...

Drinking has the opposite effects on me. It makes me reeaaally sleepy.

tepaio1 said...

Really? haha, sana nga ganun na rin ako para mas oaky! haha

Keiyt said...

Itchy itchy rin sa akin kapag umiinom. `yon, wag nang uminom for 2009! :)) =))

tepaio1 said...

HAHA, parehas pala tayo, APIR! :)

Ayy, i started the year drinking nga e! WAHAHAHAH :)) NOO!

Keiyt said...

Buong taon ka iinom! =))

tepaio1 said...

Wag naman, kawawa naman atay ko! haha