Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a weekend

Kung may hell week, may hell weekend din.

So ngayon nga ay hell weekend ko pero may gana pa akong maglakwatsa. HAHA, aktwali yung ngayon.. family gathering. So I have this annoying english paper/note taking chorva due on Monday together with a critique. Talk about papers huh? It's not much but I just don't like the prof. She doesn't teach. Our class should be called a reading class and not and English 12 class. All she does is read and maybe when she's bored, she makes us read the book or handouts. She gives a lot of "independent study" and a lot of PAPERS! So yea, i hate her.

After going to the library yesterday to look for sources, Kuya Justine, Kuya Ehvee, Gladys and I went to Ever to play billiards. OKAY, MEDYO MARUNONG NA AKO! hahaha :)) It was really funny, di ko man lang matamaan yung cue ball nung una. lol, but hey nakakashoot ako! woot woot! I know right? HAHA :)) We are home by 12 and I started my note taking crap. I did 2 sources out of the 20 required. It's an achievement. haha :))

Today, we went to Ninang Mariflor's house for the first household reunion. Medyo konti lang kami but still it was fun. Pictures soon. For those who know, yihee. i'll make chika. haha :)) Anyways, first time na may liquor. I don't drink, lol! Anyways, went home at around 8 and now I am stuck in finishing this english craps. :) AND FOR THE FIRST TIME, I FINISHED THE WHOLE THING BEFORE 12AM. ACHIEVEMENT. So, I am now just facebook-ing. lol.

I had a fun weekend kahit na istressing.

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