Wednesday, June 4, 2014

so many *feels*

My first heartbreak in high school was one of the loneliest time of my life. Since my relationship with my boyfriend that time was a secret, I couldn't tell my family about it. Whenever I'm at home, I would maneuver my attention to music (just so I would stop thinking about my ex). This was the time I first loved Sugarfree and their music. I could relate to it so much that I bought their albums with my small allowance. When I heard that they are disbanding, I got really heartbroken but I still went to their final concert at Eastwood last 2011. Yes, it crushed my heart but their songs will forever be special. 

Anyway, Ebe Dancel, the lead singer of Sugarfree became a solo artist after Sugarfree disbanded. Of course, I'm following him on instagram and he posted that he will have a gig for his birthday *yay*

I immediately texted my friends about it but unfortunately they didn't reply. I was decided to not go but on the day itself, my friend (who's very heartbroken) texted me that she'll be going. After dinner with Ter, I went straight to Conspiracy. Ebe's set started at around 11pm.

What will you expect from a few bottles of beer down, a heartbroken friend and Ebe singing Unang Araw/Telepono/Paalam Kahapon? Yes, waterfalls everywhere.

I've been crying the whole night not because of the memories each song brings back but because of seeing my friend cry. This friend of mine has been in my life since Grade 5 and I always see her as a very strong woman. That night, I saw her break. She cried buckets of tears and even Ebe Dancel noticed her (and he gave her a free beer). I was just hugging her all night and yes, crying with her. 

Ebe Dancel will always give me chills when he sings and his songs will forever touch my heart. I saw his Youtube cover on Moonriver a few years ago and I loved it. He sang it that night and I can't believe I heard it live. Yes, I cried. He's such a great singer and he writes so poetically that's why I love him as an artist. He makes me believe and love OPM more ;)

After his gig, we chatted with Ebe for a while then of course, we ate :)

That night reminded me of memories that I do not regret. That night also reminded me to always, and always choose love ♥ ♥ 

So I will end this post with lines from Ebe Dancel's Paalam Kahapon, one of my favorite songs from his solo album. This song relates to me on so many levels.
"Paalam na kahapon.
Kailangan na ako ng ngayon.
Alaala mo’y ikakahon,
Ngunit kailan ma’y hindi kayang itapon.
Tila utos ng mundong mabuhay
Akong pasulong, at ‘wag paurong

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