Sunday, July 20, 2014

Like a Fool

I first found out about the movie, Begin Again from my Facebook timeline (I guess that's where you find out about anything new nowadays). When I saw the trailer I fell in love with it quickly because of three things:
  1. Stars in it: Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, and Adam "I'm fcuking hot" Levine!!
  2. Soundtrack!
  3. Same director of Once (I loooove that movie! If you haven't watched it yet, go download! And you'll be singing Falling Slowly for weeks!)
Honestly, I forgot when this movie was showing and I don't watch movie regularly (BECAUSE IT'S SO EXPENSIVE! I still remember movies for 90 pesos!!). I again found out that it's showing here in the Philippines from my Facebook timeline lol. I immediately went to the movies after finding out that it's showing and I watched it with my sister. 

And it did not disappoint me! It's the perfect kilig/feel good/chill movie. Plus the soundtrack was amazing. Although everything sounds so the same. The story line was good too, sort of like Once. I like the ending because some people end together, some don't and some just finds their way back to each other (and seeing Adam Levine heartbroken makes me want to hug him).

So I just want to share my favorite song from the movie. I like this just because. Listen to all their songs, I'm sure you'll want to watch the movie ;)

We take a chance from time to time
And put our necks out on the line
And you have broken every promise that we made
And I have loved you anyway

Took a fine time to leave me hanging out to dry
Understand now I’m grieving so don’t you waste my time
Cause you have taken all the wind out from my sails
And I have loved you just the same

We finally find this, then you’re gone
Been chasing rainbows all along
And you have cursed me when there’s no one left to blame
And I have loved you just the same

And you have broken every single fucking rule
And I have loved you like a fool


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Hi_D said...

Adam Levine has a movie? Wow! Super cool. Definitely want to watch this. Thanks for sharing.

I found you on blogs ng Pinoy. Hope you can visit my blog too and if you like maybe we can follow each other via gfc or bloglovin.

Steph Cruz said...

Yes! Watch it! Watch it. Definitely worth every penny. Not sure though if it's still showing. :)

Sure, I will!