Friday, July 25, 2014

Of raffle tickets, travels and BBE

I rarely join competitions or contests ever since I can remember. The closest thing I know of are cake/rice/car raffles in high school where we are required to sell PHP 2000 worth of raffle tickets (I end up buying them or asking my parents to buy them for me). In all the raffle tickets I bought, I never won (even a cake!) So I just don't believe that much in raffles anymore lol (unless it's for a cause I support!). Now online contest are so popular, especially here in the country. Every week, I will get messages from my friends asking me to like their picture on a certain page and all that shiz, you know the drill. I enjoy watching my friends join them but for me, I just don't have the marketing skills. 

I found out about the Big Blog Exchange from a few bloggers I follow who won last year. I followed their journey traveling around Europe and I can imagine myself doing the same thing. So when this year's BBE opened, I entered quickly. Although, it's shooting for the moon, it's worth a try. 

Last year was full of sh*t and I really lost my way. That was the time I decided that I love to travel. People say that traveling is a way of escape. A part of me thought that I loved traveling because of that but I was proven otherwise. I realized that I like discovering new places and immersing into new cultures. I also learned that traveling can be of help to my self-discovery journey. I've traveled to different provinces here in the country since 2006 through Gawad Kalinga, a non-profit organization based in the Philippines that build and sustains communities for the poor. That was a gateway for me to travel around the Philippines. I saw the beauty of the country and interacted with the poorest of the poor. Through this, I know that I wanted to see more of the world and meet more people. I have met the most interesting people I know through traveling and this contest can be a channel for me to continue my journey to self-discovery. As I go to different places, meet new people, I pick up little pieces of myself and rebuild my life. This has been the greatest therapy I had to battle my sadness and bad thoughts.

So if you would like, kindly vote for me here :) I would super appreciate it.


Piathought said...

Hello! Am I too late to vote? :)

Btw, you are just so pretttttty!♥

Piathought said...

Waaa. Saw my name on the sidebar! Thank you so much! :) Planning to have a 'Blogs I Love' list too! Would like to get your permission to post your blog site as well. ♥

Steph Cruz said...

Haha it's done na. Tipsy of Googly Gooeys won and I can't wait to read about her adventures :)

Awww thanks so much Pia. You're one beautiful lady too ;)

Steph Cruz said...

Yiiis! I was looking for new blogs to follow the other day and I stumbled upon yours :) Sure, that would be great :)

Piathought said...

Yey! :) Nice to know you really! :)