Thursday, July 9, 2009

best week, so far.

So I am having one of the best weeks in my 1st sem :) Since I am really dying to blog again.. I'm just gonna rant about my oh-so-great week LOL.


It was so much fun. Hanged out with Marlo at Galle before going to Teef's crib but I was super broke because I went to school at 8am.. but my class was moved to 1pm pala. =| But it was a good thing coz i saw RO :)) :)) :)) Anyways, food was great.. Great company. Stayed at Marlo till 12:30 then rode a taxi. I don't like riding a taxi during that time of the night. It's scary.. Good thing the cab driver was nice but he's super talkative... LOL.


So the rest of my week went out great just because i keep on seeing RO. Like last Monday, i saw him 5 times and I just realized that we really have a lot of common friends.. Bakit kami hindi friends? LOL =)) Aynako, ENOUGH! Hahahaha :))

Anyways, it's a less stressing week for me too. The quiz in Psych(which I studied so hard for) was a group quiz. =| and I don't really care about SA. Oh noez, I think I'm gonna fail that subject because of all my lates... Deym, i hate morning schedules. I am not really a morning person so during SA and Psych Lab, my mind's not working.. HAHA. So, goodluck to me! =)

I also went to UP last Wednesday to see my high school friends(which I LOVE SO MUCH). It was another tiring day because of all the walking and laughing we did. They never fail to make me laugh. (muchium at cheter LOL)

I hope tomorrow will be great too :) And I am so excited for Saturday's party at Nina's. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIANINA! :) Can't wait to see you guys.

I also wanna watch the MJ Tribute concert. Where can I watch it online? I'm searching a while ago and all i saw are clips from it. I bet I'll cry when I watch it because I cried hard seeing Paris(MJ's eldest daughter) say MJ is the greatest dad. :c

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