Monday, July 27, 2009

So, what is up

I have not blogged for uhh, a few weeks and while I was reading Lissy's blog a while ago, I suddenly remembered my own online diary. (aww, poor tsokolatengtunaw. I am forgetting about you LOL)
So, my life right now is being occupied by school and FACEBOOK. Haha. My planner is getting full of to d
o lists that I am not doing lol. Anyways, I'm just gonna enumerate the higlights of my life these past few weeks haha.

1. Nina's HABERDAY celebration (im still waiting for Ter's photos)
I missed this girl and last July 11, she celebr
ated her 18th birthday at their house. Food, video presentations and lots of boooze. Haha. Just drank one bottle of beer (eck.) then left. haha. The feeling's really great when i'm with my high school friends. I can be crazy because i know, they are crazier than me. Love you M&M.

For the first time, I have been active in my org, Psyche. Yehey and amazingly, even though it's my first year to be activ
e, im a project head already! Cool yoh. Thanks to Meg LOL. So this has been occupying some time in my life because Psych Week is coming up. Good luck to us.

3. HANNA's 18th

We had a cruise around Manila Bay and there was supposed to be a sunset but unfortunately, the clouds are blocking the way.. aww. Anyhoo, it was nice seeing the girls with their white dresses and the guys in black polos. Too bad I have to leave early. Photos are in my multiply.

4. GK1MB
Last week, I was really getting stressed with organizing the GK1MB event for Youth for Christ. What gave me more stress was the part where Biboy got sick. Haha. But everything turned out well. It was a success, i did not expect that a lot of people will come. It's overwhelming. I just hope that GK will continue to be a major part of YFC.

5. UAAP Update.
Their will be no unbeaten team this season. So Ateneo's loss to UP = UNACCEPTABLE. Kidding! haha. I'm no sore loser Atenean that will get mad at UP. Haha. I just want to congratulate UP for winning yesterday by 10 points(:0) and Blue Eagles, you disappointed me! LOL. It was a very frustrating game. Good thing the DLSU-AdU game was exciting. Haha. Oh well. Btw, ADMU became one of the trending topics and twitter yesterday and mhen, I was laughing at some people's tweet. HAHA. So bottom line, the undefeated was beaten by the unwinnable haha. (
To all my friends who texted me yesterday: HINDI PA FINALS. ;)

Schoolworks galore & readings overload. That is what my life in school is all about. I don't have any problems with my subjects except for SA. Sir, i respect you and all but I can't really understand half of wha
t you are saying. Our class is 7:30 in the morning, could you make it more lively? HAHA. Oh well, goodluck on my orals on Wednesday. =/

Countdown: 12 days.
I still can't believe it that Kuya TJ will be getting married next week. Time moves too fast, I can't seem to catch up with it. Yes, I am excited but I am more of sad. It's not that I don't like him getting married or I don't like Ate Harlene but I am not a big fan of change. Haha! So we had the final fitting of our gowns last Friday and now, all i need to do is maintain my weight.
Wait for my longer and more detailed blog about this next week after the wedding ;)

I met my kids last Saturday and boy, they are so active. LOL. Well, this is really a big challenge for me because my kids are not really that smart. They can't read well. One kid I have scored only 1 point on his DOLCH chorva test(?). It's out of 200 words, i think? hehe. I better do something for them to learn how to read well. Goodluck.

I think most of my time is wasted on this. The games in Facebook are really addicting and tempting. =/ I have no self control so I really need to do something about my facebook addiction LOL.

I forgot about this. LOL. So my stalking skills are getting better. LOL. There's still no improvement. So near yet so far pa rin ang drama ko and I think I want it to stay that way.. or not? Haha. I learned a lot of things about him these past few weeks because we have more connections that I thought we have. One of my closest friends know him. Uhh. I still have 3 years to know him WAHAHAHAHA.

So i think that's it. My next blog will probably be about the wedding. Weeeee :)

** I just realized this while changing the colors of the highlight's topics. May meaning yun RED. haha.
Red=blood=dumudugo na utak ko sa school works. haha. & MADUGO YUNG LABAN NG ADMU-UP.
Red=LOVE=Kuya's wedding
Red=EVIL(diba red and black yung parang evil colors haha)=Temptation



Lis said...

Aba naman. Na-special mention pa ako. :))

Btw, speaking of ADMU, I'm planning to transfer next year. :o

istepanyak said...

Of course, you inspired me! WAHAHAHAHAH =))

OMg, go transfer! =) When you get your form, text me! haha.

Anonymous said...

Can I just agree on what you said about facebook? That you're time is wasted on it? Can I just say, me too???? Hahahaha

istepanyak said...

GRABE noh? I'll be failing if this addiction continues. =/ SHOOT. lol.

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

quite upsetting na talo ang ADMU against UP. haha. love your post. ;;)

istepanyak said...

Me too but I am laughing about it now. LOL. I saw Vince Burke a while ago and boy he was really UPSET. Bench player na yun a.. What more yung mga naglaro? haha.

Steph Torio said...

Hi. You don't know me, but I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions about Gawad Kalinga. My name's Steph Torio and I'm a freshman at the University of the Philippines Manila and I'm doing a research paper on GK. Nakita ko kasi sa isang forum sa yung link dito sa blog mo. It'll only be a few questions, I promise. :) If you could please do it, please PM me back. Nagpapanic na kasi ako kasi malapit na yung deadline and I don't think I have the time to go to GK. Sorry sa abala! :) Thanks so much :)