Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's day special

To all the fathers out there, happy father's day. Yesterday was a day to remember all your hard work and patience every day. So kudos to all you fathers. 

To my father,
  Thank you so much for all the patience you have been showing since you married our mother. We all know that it wasn't a smooth ride so I thank you for still being here haha! You are the most hardworking person I know. Based from your stories, you have been providing for our huge family since Day 1 and you are still continuing to do so. Papa, soon enough, you're going to retire from the company and we promise you that we will continue what you have started. I love you :)

Also to my brothers
Happy father's day to you, dear brothers. As a young and new (sort of) fathers, you are doing a great job. You have given us the cutest nieces and nephew and I couldn't ask for more haha! You are all being great fathers to Sining, Diwa, Jam and Blue and you're awesome brothers to us too :) Continue loving and caring for your family (like Papa does) and also to the kids you have in GK :) 
  So we spent father's day at home and had a short dinner at Bellini's yesterday. Since we love One More Chance, we just had to watch One more chance before we went there haha! (Oh, for those people who doesn't know, Bellini's is the restaurant in One More Chance) Although that movie showing last Thursday did not help at all with my moving on phase, I still love that movie.

Before heading to Bellini's, a short photo op at home with my sister, Gladys

We arrived there earlier than our reserved time which was 7pm. Good thing our table was fixed already so we just waited for the other family members to arrive. Sining was ecstatic when she arrived. She was shouting, "Nasan na si Popoy?", "Wala dito si Popoy?" all over the place which was so funny and cute at the same time. The kids and Kuya Justine were wearing their "Popoy" outfit (HAHA)

The Popoy and Totoys

The food was okay. We ordered a four cheese pizza, their pasta platter and chicken. Their pasta platter consists of 4 types of pasta sauce (white, red, pesto and oil based). My favorite would be the white sauce pasta. The oil based pasta was too spicy for me but all in all, everything was good. 

Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese) Pizza

The experience was okay. Not something I would rant all day about. I also wouldn't go back there soon, unless someone invites me there :) Good thing, the people I'm with makes every place memorable so yes, this year's father's day is something I would cherish :)

With Gladys, Diwa and Ate Coco

After the dinner, I just went over at 10 Blake again to rant about my heartbreak issues. I'm really having a hard time. I know that moving on is not something you could do immediately, it requires time. I just don't want to deal with the hurt anymore. It sucks when the person you want to spend forever with doesn't feel the same way :( Yuck, ang drama na. Enough!

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