Saturday, April 19, 2008


I think i should get a boyfriend now coz i really got pissed with my family. I really DO NOT HAVE ONE, okay? And i am not planning on having one! I am pissed because they dont trust me. I want a legal boyfriend so if ever i have one, im gonna let you know! Sheesh.

Anyways, i am really getting stressed out with my debut. Its not really fun when you dont have any organizers and you're doing everything by YOURSELF.. ALONE. Well, i have one but she's in Bukidnon and guess what? She's coming back on my day itself. Haay, i really am clueless about the flow of the program. Waaaa, i really want to cry now. HAHAHA. Plus the people are not replying. I need the number of guests before Monday because we will order food already. Wow, everything is really messed up. This is how prepared i am, i have the list of the guest and the 18 chorvas. We have a venue and food. I do not have a dress. I do not have an emcee. I do not have a program. I do not know what to do. I know its my fault because i did not prepare earlier but i thought my debut will not push through. Whatever.

Waaaa. super stressed out na ako. Why? SUMMER ngayon, i need to have fun. Haha. The youth camp is nearing already. Haay, another stress. haha

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