Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday Lakwatsa

Yesterday was really tiring. We woke up early because Ate Lorna and Kuya Jim will go to the dentist and i want to come. haha. So we woke up 8AM and left the house at 10AM. The dentist appointment was 10AM.. Talk about early huh. So we arrived there late. Ate Lorna was first then Gladys and I went to Gateway. Haha. We strolled and strolled and strolled. Haha. Then Kuya Jim called and told us that they were done. They were in Lacoste because Ate Lorna is shopping. Yes, she is rich. Walang pakeelamanan. haha. Then we went to other stores and ate at the food court. After eating, Ate Lorna went to the Manhattan Garden showroom. She's planning to buy a condo unit for herself. She'll leave her son in Australia. haha.

After that, we rode a taxi to Convergys. Nagpagupit si Kuya Jim and Ate Lorna then ako, nagpa-ayos ng nails. Lol. Super tagal naming nag-intay kaya ayun. mga 5:45 na kami umalis dun. Tss. We went home then super pagod na kaming lahat. Then si Kuya Jim or Ate Lorna(i dont know basta isa sa kanila) nagyaya na uminom. So we did. After eating, we bought booze then chiboog. haha. Then we started.

Gladys drinking.


They are drunk.

Singing IRONIC


It was really fun. Haha. Kuya Jim was kinda drunk.. Well, tipsy na lang. Hahaha. Then Ate Lorna was tipsy too. Really fuunnnyy. Haha. I slept at around 1AM because Vic called. Tss. He's drunk! WAHAHAHAHA. Then i waited for him to come home coz i was worried. Tss. Oh well, ayun and now my back itch. Oooh, hate this. Hahaha. Lagi na lang. AM i allergic to beer or something? Waaaa NO! hahahaha


Liza said...

nice nama ng pictures mo. :)

tagay tayo... hehehehehehe

tepaio1 said...

Hahaha. :)) Sige ba. lol. thanks.