Friday, April 4, 2008

About Me

Buongiorno! Mi chiamo Tepai. Ho ventitre anni. Sono studentessa in Ateneo de Manila University, studio AB Psychology. Mi piace mangiare e viaggio.

Practicing some Italian shiz. Yes, I dream of going to Italy, eating all the pizza and pasta I want and shopping at Milan. Someday.

Welcome to my blog :) I am Steph, 23 years old. I'm a college graduate, Ateneo de Manila University Batch 2012. Spent some of my happy years there and have learned and was inspired by a lot of people there. Again, I would just like to break the news to those people who have stereotyped most of the Ateneans, not everyone there is conyo! I have met some jologs, fun to be with, middle class people there who are also very smart and witty. So yes, stop the stereotype. 

After college, I worked at Rustan Coffee (Starbucks Philippines) as a Recruitment Coordinator. It was fun to meet different kinds of people all over the Metro. Yes, we hired baristas (If you want to be one, I can refer you to my ex-officemates). I stayed there for a few months then I decided to pursue my career at our family business. I am currently working as the HR person for our company and boy, it is hard. 

Motto in life: Travel, Fall in Love, Be happy! 
Thus, this blog will be filled with my travel experiences, falling in love, staying in love, getting hurt by love, and a few personal experiences that's worth sharing. Sometimes, when we are down, all we need is a little push and I hope that somewhere out there, I can give a little push to someone who needs it.

Enjoy reading and ciao for now :)

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