Monday, April 7, 2008


I just got back from Tagaytay. Most boring ILC goes to Tagaytay. WAHAHAHA. Really, i got bored for the first time. We arrived very early. Early early as in 9AM early. I loved Tagaytay, the weather was great but the weather last Saturday night was OA sa lamig and the weather last Sunday morning was OA sa init. Okay, the fun part was the bonding times with Twin, Pawe, Andrew and Joshua.

Friday was really boring. We ate at Mcdo for lunch then went to an internet shop to internet. hahaha. xp Then we just all made tambay at the canteen to wait for the mass.Susko, usapang tae and the like. Imagine our faces when Andrew kept on talking about shit. Everything we say is related to shit for him. Haha. xp What about? Tss. The talk was okay. Although, I still did not feel the ILC fever, yah know? haha. The speaker talked about love and the like. "I know and i see your weaknesses but i love you more than that" -- hayooop. Sabi nga ni Joshua, pang-punch line na niya. Haha. xp After the talk, we decided to go home. It was cold. My butt hurt. I felt sleepy. Haha.. but before going home, we had an ADVENTURE. Hindi kami pinalabas ng site coz wala daw kaming coordinator. My gulay, i know we look grade school buy heey, im turning 18 this month. Tss. haha. So what we did.. we WALKED and WALKED and WALKED. Inikot na namin yung venue just to get to the terminal. WE arrived at the Terminal then rode the jeepney. The school/accomodation for girls is really far from the main site so when we arrived there, Abi and I were so tired so we just brushed our teeth and changed clothes then ZZZZZZ.

Saturday was better. Abi and I woke up late. Haha. We did not attend the mass. We just waited for the boys to get us a hotel room for us to take a bath but unfortunately, they are lining up in the boy's camp site and I got tired from waiting so i decided to take a bath in the CR cubicle with the toilet bowl in front of me(Actually, back kasi nakatalikod ako. haha) So, abi and i took a bath there then it rained hard. As in really really hard. Good thing we stayed coz the main site was open so we figured, they will be all soaking wet when they get back here. We waited for the brothers to finish so we could all eat but again, i got tired of wating so when i saw Ate Kreng, i asked where they are going and they told me, they will get there lunch then go back immediately so i decided to come and i left my jacket since we will go back. We arrived there, got our lunch, saw Pawe with our moneeey :) then we ate. While we were eating, the brothers arrived to get their lunch. Then Abi told me.. "mukhang uulan ata." I really prayed not to rain coz i dont want my feet wet. Haha. Talagang paa lang eh noh? haha. But unfortunately, it rained.. HARD. haha. So we went inside the Sports Complex and we watched the Cheerdance competition. We sat down with the West B people. Haha. xp Southern Tagalog was really good. As in everyone was cheering when they did their stunts and everything. GALING! The rest was okay. Two of them were funny. As in HILARIOUS! WAHAHAHA =)) Anyways, after that we went to Mcdo to eat then we tried to look for a hotel or something. WE WALKED. As in WALKED. When we all realized that we have no future there, we took the jeep at last to go back to the site. So, we made tambay again. Lol. Then we went to West B people again because Trixie's there. Haha. Si Pawe kasi, lumiligaw. Trixie and the others left but we stayed there because Anjo's jacket was with them. We waited for hours.. as in. Pawe got pissed so we left. We went to the canteen because someone needs to pee. Haha. Pawe decided to go to Trixie na rin so we waited for him. He arrived looking really pissed. haha. Then we went to the main site to hear the talk. The soil was really soft.. KADIRI! WAHAHAHA xp That night was really cold. As in nanginginig ako, literal. Rawr. I remembered that i left my jacket sooooo what about? Thanks to Andrew, he let me borrow his jacket dahil naiinitan din naman siya.. MANHID. haha. Oh well, the jacket is not enough, tagos tagos ang lamig. Haha. xp My hands and feet were cold as ice. Seriously. The talk was okay. Go Ate Dana! haha. I saw Ate Nicole too, they were supporting Ate Dana. Haha. xp Then we worshipped, i really did not feel it. Parang there is something in me that is weird. I really do not know, i feel lost right now. Waaaah. I miss my old self, the old yfc, the old chapter. Its really different now. As in SUPER DIFFERENT! Anyways, after the talk and worship.. we watched some dance and bands then decided to go home :) We arrived in the room and saw that there was nobody there. Woot woot. SOLO. haha. We brushed our teeth, changed clothes then went to sleep. Ngayon, nakatulog kami ng maayos dahil walang maingay. haha.

Sunday. Yipee. I so waited for this day. The day that we will go home. haha. We did not take a bath. Almost everyone did not. Haha. Uuwi na rin naman eh. haha. So, i just brushed my teeth then changed clothes. I met up with Melalai. Aww, it was fun meeting her. haha. Then we rode a jeep to the site and texted Pawe. They told us they were inside the main site so we went there with Abi's maleta. haha. We met up with them then sat beside the West B people again. haha. We celebrated mass there. It was really hot. As in. May hangin na malamig pero super tindi ng araw. Waaah. I really cant take it. Nakajacket pa ako kasi ayaw kong umitim buut i got sunburned in the face(lalo na sa ilong), neck at batok. Yung mga place na walang cover nung jacket. Badtrip talaga. haha. xp We changed venue after the mass.. dun sa gilid kasi sinundan namin ang West B, dahil kay Anjo na naman. haha. Tas yun. We listened to the talk.. NGAYON KO LANG NAFEEL ANG ILC. As in. Tss. Bakit ganun? hahaaay. The praisefest was rrealllyyy FUN! Kasi nga ngayon ko lang nafeel ang ILC. There was a part na the speaker told us to roam around and pray over people chorva chorva. I really felt SAD. As in. I saw other people with their chapter.. happy happy. Then i saw ours, Anjo, Abi and I. Tss. It was really sad coz before, marami kami but now.. What happened? I really feel that it's my fault. I am the chapter head but i am not doing anything. I feel depressed. I almost cried but i did not. Haha. I was still thankful that there are 4 people in our chapter. Oh well, after everything.. they announced the winners. Then GOODBYE TAGAYTAY, HELLO CEBU! Wow, Cebu. Its okay kahit na i want it to be somewhere North like Ilocos or Pangasinan. haha. Then we met with Andrew and Joshua, went to our tambayan(the canteen) because the bus will arrive at 3PM pa. tsss. I really want to go home. LAUGHTRIP lang ng super. As in super laughtrip. We saw Tito Boni then we followed him. Haha. We saw some of our clustermates for the first time. haha. Then waited for the bus but unfortunately for me, the bus arrived LATE. As in almost 5pm na. RAWR. So ayun, laughtrip lang rin yung sa bus. Medyo nahilo lang ako. haha. xp Then HOME SWEET HOME. We had steak for dinner. Yipee. haha.

Next ILC, i pray for something better. I will try to bring more people. I do not want 4 people, i want the old chapter back. Let's do this Pawe :))


chizbred said...

aww. :))
sana talaga nagaactive na ako sa
gusto ko din magILC.

i pramis next time. :))
Miss you tepai. :))

tepaio1 said...

Next year. sa CEBU! Woot wooit.