Sunday, July 21, 2013

30 before 30 list :)

I had this list with me for a while and since I have more free time, I plan on finishing this 30 before 30 list :) Sharing with you, loves, my:

30 before 30 list

1. Learn to bake
2. Learn to cook and actually cook for someone (family, friends or someone special)
3. Learn to ride a bike - When I was a child, our parents bought us a bike. My brother first learned how to ride a bike. When it was my turn, our bike broke :( After that, I never had the chance to learn how to bike.
4. Travel alone - I always dreamed of getting away from the busy streets of Manila and just travel alone. A short soul searching may be of help in my life. It's always good to just get away and have time for yourself :)
5. Travel abroad with friends

6. Read books (I have a list with me. Will share it next time)
7. Food trips at Maginhawa, Katipunan, Kapitolyo and somewhere South :)
8. Have my palm read or see a tarot card reader
9. Volunteer to teach or tutor kids and inspire them - I love kids. I enjoy being around innocent, little children even if they can be a brat sometimes. I firmly believe that a person's childhood has a great impact on his future. There are a lot of children here in the Philippines who are not given the opportunity to study and do what they want and I would love to be of help to those children. Education is the key but I want to be there to inspire, not just teach. Plus, kids say the cutest things :)
10. Exercise more and get that body that you want
11. Be a member in a gym and actually go to the gym

12. Try pole dancing at least once
13. Learn different hairstyles
14. Join an environment related org
15. Climb a mountain (Hopefully Mt. Pulag)
16. Finish a marathon (Yes, 5K will do!)
17. Try diving

18. Visit a firing range and fire a gun

19. Free turtles in the ocean
20. Go to Palawan

21. Try something daring (Cliff diving, Bungee jumping etc)

22. Go and see Mt. Pinatubo
23. Swim with the dolphins
24. Learn how to love and trust again - My heart has been through a lot, especially this year. So I'm scared again to put myself out there but I want to be brave and strong to finally love someone again and trust him with my heart. Yes, this may sound really cheesy but it's the truth. I think I'm a hopeless romantic in nature and I believe in love, I'm just scared to get really hurt again.
25. Go on a road trip with someone special - This is something I always dreamed of. I would love to just spend a weekend somewhere unknown with the person I love :) Someday.
26. Be in a serious relationship and get married
27. Get pregnant and have a cute baby boy (hopefully) but a girl is fine
28. Buy my own car
29. Continue updating and writing for this blog
30. Celebrate my 30th birthday at a place I love (a province or a country)

Wish me luck that I can finish everything before my 30th birthday :) Here's to adventure and self-discovering!
Cheers to 7 years of adventure :)

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Piathought said...

Wow! Your list is very inspiring! And I think we have a loooooot in common! I have also had a list in my other inactive blog too. Might as well copy it here in my new blog. ♥

Thanks for this every inspiring list!