Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party dun, party dito

Steph: Papa, pupunta po ako kay 'insert name here'. May party/debut/birthday po.
Itay: Lagi ka na lang umaalis.
Steph: Hindi po a.

Marlo's birthday(11-26) - Mariz' birthday(12-29) - Thalia's Debut(11-29) - Mariz' house(12-06) - Aura's debut(12-06) - Betbet's Debut(12-07) - Ogie's birthday(12-13) - Christmas Party(12-15)

HAHAHAHA. Kasalanan ko ba na marami akong friends? Kidding. lol. Sabay sabay kasi ang mga debut/party at birthdays ngayon kaya lagi akong umaalis. Ayun sa taas yung arrangement. LOL. Anyways, imma talk about Ogie's and Block TR's Christmas Party last Saturday and yesterday dahil yun yung recent parties.

So last Saturday, we went to Ogie's house to celebrate her birthday. Yay, 18 na rin siya. Jessie picked us up.. LATE. lol. We arrived there.. HUNGRY! lol. So we arrived there and saw lots of people compared to last year. Dumami daw yung friends ni Ogs. Anyways, nahiya naman kami. lol. So we ate and did some stuffs. Took pictures and all.

Saw SHS people(uhh, Jessica and Ella lang pala). We talked about Intrams in Holy. Weird stuff pero tuwang-tuwa kami. CYGNUS! hahaha. PSYCHE. Hanggang sa VEGA(Grade 5.) lol.

After doing those stuffs. lol. We played Dare or Dare. Uhh, no choice e. Okay, i'm gonna describe the dares and you tell me whose dare is the most embarassing.

Dare #1, Noel's: sing a Happy Birthday Song to Ogie in front of the fan.
Dare #2, Ter's: sing "Kung ako na lang sana" on top of the rock na dinaanan ng ipis. LOL.
Dare #3, Rhea's: do jumping jacks in front of the wall while saying "Awoo"(yung sa 300)
Dare #4, Joshua's: manly walk around the tables while singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with actions.
Dare #5, Pig's: hop like a rabbit while saying "Happy Birthday Ogie".
Dare #6, Rene's: perform "Breaking Free" in HSM3.
Dare #7, Steph's: Sing "Sana Mama" with dance steps in the back of Ogie's truck while the other visitors watch. = EMBARASSING!
Dare #8, Jessie's: Pole Dance in the tune of Pasko na, Sinta ko.

So yah, sino ang pinakanakakahiya? Winner is STEPHANIE CRUZ. Dude, super nahiya talaga ako sa ginawa ko, jusko! I could die. lol. Tas hinahabol pa ako ng mga ipis, literally! Sumusunod sila sakin. *cry cry* lol.
So after that and after the other UP friends left, we went to the Videoke part of the house and they sang. Uhh, can i just say that they were all great singers. Nakakahiya kung kakanta kami.. uhh, lalo na ako! haha :)) So yun, pinabayaan na alng namin silang kumanta. I had fun. Really really fun. Great food, Great people. Next year ulit.


Monday night. Christmas Party of Block TR at Jeki's house. Some of us have no class anymore so we waited for everybody till 6 in the caf. Convoy. I rode with Mareka with Jeki and Marlo while Aris was following us. So Aris was kinda high. LOL =)) Along Aurora Blvd's u-turn, nauna siya samin.. then we saw that the other lane of the u-turn was not moving.. when we saw who is causing that traffic, we saw Aris in front and he was smiling while signaling us to go faster and move. WAHAHHAHA. He did that a lot of times while going to Jeki's house. He was really brave to do that. LOL. When we hear people honking their horns(LOL.), we would see Aris causing it. LOL.

We arrived there and ate.. OOOH, foodfest! lol.

The food was okay! Since we were all hungry, we ate a lot. LOL. Uhh, then after eating, we took pictures and all.

Then Jane has to leave so I rode with her since she lives along Commonwealth. Murphy rode with us also and the usual Murph, he talked and talked and talked and talked. and talked and talked. LOL. Mareka, Marlo, Hanna and TJ left with us also.
It was a fun night. Even though i have a long test coming up the next day.. in Physics. Uhh, that I think i failed. I don't wanna talk about it. =\ lol.
I have more parties coming up next week. Like M&M's Annual Christmas Party and Ja's Christmas Party at Mariz' then Kuya Jim's birthday and also YFC's Christmas Party. Yay :) Party Party. HAHA.

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