Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paskuhan and boredom

So I just got home from the Paskuhan. It feels great to see old blockmates especially the non-wab people. I missed them so much. Roma, di ka pa rin nagbabago! HAHA :)) Anyways, the event was boring as usual but what made my day was my friends. Aww, free dinner/merienda courtesy of Marvsz. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

The fireworks was awesome.. but it would have been more awesome if we were in the field. :p Oh well. Uhm, we just sat/lie on the field while making chika. lol. Lotsa pictures. I loved our(Yrish, Marvsz and Mossy) shots somewhere near the botanical garden. LOL :)) Post post post. lol.

Wab + Rap will overnight in Bulacan. I tried to ask permission but my oh-so-conservative/loving father did not allow me. LOL. He told me "it was not right". Then i asked him, "Anong hindi tama?". "Yan, may lalaki... chorva chorva" he replied. So yah, he's still doubting my being SINGLE. It was funny buuuut kinda sad/disappointing too coz first, i won't be able to go with my old folks. second, my dad don't trust me. Tss. :( I just wish there's one guy I could introduce to them so that they won't doubt/untrust(Haha, made that up.) me. It just feels sad that your parents and brothers don't trust you with the relationship thing. :( Uhh. wala pa naman kasi talaga e. Sana nga meron. TSS. but I am really happy to be single right now. It's just this family thing that makes me want to have a guy. OHWELL!

Next time Wab. Pramis. Enjoy.

Boredom Survey.

1. Are you single – Yep.
2. Are you happy - Now, half half. :)
3. Are you bored – that's why I am answering this.
5. Are you Italian – Nope.
6. Are you pregnant – Uhh, NO!
8. Are you nice – Sometimes.
9. Are you Irish – Nope.
10.Are you Asian - Yep.

1. Full name: Stephanie
2. Nick names – Steph, Tepai
3. Birth place - Philippines
4. Hair color - black
5. Natural hair style - short. yay.
7. Birthday – April
8. Facebook Mood – None.
9. Favorite colour – Pink, green and blue.
10. One Place to Visit – Paris.

1. Have you ever been in love – Yep.
2. Do you believe in love at first sight – Nope.
4. Have you ever been hurt emotionally - Yep.
5. Have you ever broken someone's heart – Uhh, I dunno.
6. Have you ever had your heart broken – Yep.
7. Have you ever liked someone but never told them - YEP!
8. Are you afraid of commitment – Kinda.
9. Who was the last person you hugged -- Mariz.
10. Who was the last person you said I love you to – Marvsz. Sori talaga girl. =

1. Love or lust – Love
2. Hard liquor or beer - Hard liquor.
3. Cats or dogs - none.
4. A few best friends or many regular friends – few best.
5. Television or internet - Internet
7. Wild night out or romantic night in - Romantic night.
8. Money or Happiness – Happiness
9. Night or day – Night.
10. IM or phone - IM

1. Been caught sneaking out – No.
2. Been skinny dipping – No.
3. Done something you regret – Yep.
4. Bungee jumped – No but I want to.
5. Lied to someone you like – Yep.
6. Finished an entire jawbreaker – Yep.
8. Wanted an ex bf/gf back - No.
9. Cried because you lost a pet - Nope.
10. Wanted to disappear – Yep.

1. Smile or eyes – smile
2. Light or dark hair – dark hair
3. Talks or Listens - listens.
4. Shorter or taller – Taller.
5. Brains or Brawn – brains.. with brawn :)
6. Romantic or spontaneous - Romantic
7. Funny or serious – Funny.
8. Older or Younger – Older.
9. Outgoing or quiet – outgoing
10. Sweet or Tough – sweet

1. Ever performed in front of a large crowd – Yep.
2. Ever been pregnant –NO.
3. Ever kissed the same gender- HAHA, no..
4. Ever been on a cheerleading team - nope.
5. Ever Been on a dance team – Intrams. lol.
6. Ever been on a sports team – Pe. :))
7. Ever been in a drama play/production – grade school.
8. Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer- I wish.
9. Ever been in a RAP video? - No but I rapped before. lol.
10. Ever been on a TV Show? - i wish.

1. Last phone call you made – Dad.
2. Last person you talked to other than family – Kristel
3. Last person you hung out with – UST blockmatees.
4. Last time you worked – Sembreak.
5. Last person you tackled - Marvsz.
6. Last person you IM'd – Kristel/HMM.
8. Last person(s) you went to the movies with – Kuya Tj, gladys.
9. Last person you miss - Marami sila. HS friends.
10. Last person you slept in the same bed with - Dad.


Ashen said...

wab? i thought parents ought to be trusting their kids when they're already 18. maybe your parents just love you that much that they're so afraid to let you go.

tepaio1 said...

Wab= UST barkada. :)

I know but I understand them. I'm okay with it. They are just not used to seeing me with guys around coz I studied in an exclusive school for 12 years. LOL :))

Erika said...

i've wanted to attend paskuhan ever since i knew about it but well things happen, maybe next time, haha. and i can so relate the guy relationship and trust issues thing.

tepaio1 said...

Sige! Punta ka! Text me. lol. Next year. :)

I know the feeling. haha


I was supposed to go. Sayang, nagkita na sana tayo. Next year. With Ekang na nga rin! :))

Oh, aww. :| Ngayong wala na akong boyfriend, mas pinapalabas ako. Mas happy :))

tepaio1 said...

Talaga? Aynako, sayang naman. Well, kung pumunta ka naman.. hindi ko alam number mo. :D LOL :))
Sige, next year/ hahaha

talaga? cool!