Sunday, December 28, 2008

So yea, it's my dad's birthday today and it was greeeat. I had a blast with my family. The last time we celebrated a normal mass (meaning not Christmas) together was.. uhh, i can't even remember. Yea, I was really happy because we went to mass together.. plus the Cruz 2 family. :)) It's just nice seeing how we can occupy a whole pew. Aww but I am missing my mom. Anyways, we went to Cubao after the mass to have lunch at Dampa. Uhh, seafood overflow! Grabe! lol, but I was full after. Oooh, my cousin ate a frog! HAHA :)) I should have tried it but it was so far so I got lazy! haha, excuses. lol. Anyways, we ate there with Ate Joy.. yihee, then Ate Kat followed. Whew, talk about big families eeh. We were 13 all in all(with Sining and Ate Mean, of course).

Having a big family is really cool. Well for my part, I am really happy especially having FOUR protective brothers. They may be KUPAL(english term please?) sometimes but I love them.. and I love how they lecture me about guys courting me etc. HAHA :)) As if somebody would have the balls to face them and ask for their permission to court me.. LOL. If I were a guy, I would be really scared. HA!

Anyways, we watched Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat after the lunch. **warning, spoiler. haha**
It was really funny.. I am a shallow person so yea, I was laughing out loud! haha. Oooh, my favorite part is the time when Carlo and Alwyn was fighting and Carlo said "blah blah blah.. SALOT" then Alwyn replied, "I may be a SLUT but I'm the best slut in town" then Carlo said with matching batok, "SALOT hindi SLUT" Ooooooh! SO FUNNY! hahahaha. Tsaka the part when Tenten slam the door but did not cause any sound. WAHAHAHAHA :)) I liked the movie. Thumbs up for them. Yay.
After the movie, we went home while the lovers(Kuya Mark&Ate Coco, Kuya TJ&Ate Joy and Kuya Justine&Ate Kat) went somewhere. :) We stayed at 10 Blake for a while to entertain Sining while Ate Mean fix the house for Kuya Mark's party. She's "sumpong" already. HAHA. Inaantok na ang bata. Uhh, i wish my child would not be as kiti kiti as her.. thank you! haha.


Liza said...

happy birthday to your dad. :)

more birthdays to come! cheers! * *

tepaio1 said...

Thanks! haha :))

Cheers back!

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday sa inyong tatay.

belated merry christmas and happy new year!

tepaio1 said...

Salamat raw. haha :))

Belated Happy Holidays too.