Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

So I think this will be my Merry Christmas post. lol.

Christmas is in the air. WOOT WOOT. It's not really that cold but still Christmas is LA-LA-LOVE. I celebrated my first simbang gabi mass a while ago.. uhh, and the last with Jessie and Ate Claire. It's kinda weird coz I felt excited before going to mass.. I even texted Barbie about that. HAHA :)) I did not sleep so that I can attend the mass because if I'll sleep, I would probably not wake up in time. LOL :) So yea, I really feel the Christmas air. Thanks to Ate Claire for the free puto bumbong. :D

I went home after the mass and tried to sleep but I can't because I am hungry so I cooked hotdogs for my breakfast YAY. Then my dad woke up and talked to my mom on Skype. Aww, I miss mom. Then I slept at around 7am. It was one of the best sleeps ever. HAHA :)) Walang nanggising sakin. Maybe because my dad told them that I just slept. HAHA :)) I woke up at around 1:30.

So I did not do anything today besides painting my nails. HAHA :)) We will go to mass at Ateneo later so I will be going soon.

I am just having a happy christmas because my family is now okay. My two brothers are okay now. They are back together. LOL =)) We will having Noche Buena at Kuya Mark's later. Yihee, can't wait.
Love Love.
Let us all give love on Christmas day. SERIOUSLY.
It's just nice to see people cuddling rather than punching. LOL.


Ayee said...

Merry Christmas Tepai.

tepaio1 said...

Merry Christmas Ayee :)