Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BDJ post

So who amongst my family would I like to share the gift of Belle?

Uhh, I would probably chose my sister for a lot of reasons. First of, she's the only girl sibling I have. I have 4 brothers so I think they won't like it if I gave them a Belle de Jour planner.. that would humiliate the man in them. LOL.

Okay, I love my little sister.. Even though I tease and bully her all the time. Well, that is one thing that defines little sister's role in a bigger sisters and brothers but there a lot more that I did not know before.

Well, my little sister is the sweetest sister ever. She would give cards and homemade chorvas every christmas, new year, valentines and birthdays. She recycles used art papers and all but still makes it very special with her words and thoughtfulness. She would also hug and kiss us everytime she or we leave the house. Every night, she would also say good night to everybody. She is like a glue that makes our family stick together because she likes family gatherings and she is also the one fixing our Kris Kringle in our family this Christmas.

She makes me crazy. We would do crazy stuff together which makes me forget all the stressing thoughts in school. We laugh out loud and makes other people laugh out loud too. :)

My sister(even though she's sooooo maarte) is the best person I could give a Belle gift because she just turned 13 which welcomes her to teenhood(uhh, whatever. lol.). So giving her a planner would make her organize her life more and balance her time in her studies, pep trainings, Youth for Christ activities and especially our family gatherings.


Keiyt said...

Ha, bully na ate :))

Ang sweet ng kapatid mo. Sana ganyan din yung kapatid ko kahit lalaki haha

tepaio1 said...

Haha :)) Ganun naman talaga e! WAHAHAH =))

I know right, pero ako masamang ate. lol. :)) Gusto ko nga ng kapatid na lalaki e. I mean little. haha.