Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yipeee! I am finally done... with the body of my term paper. HAHA. I am not finished yet but i am nearly finished. Haha. Table of contents, Bibliography, Conclusion, Acknowledgement na lang! YEY! I did it. I did not cram! haha. I have Friday to do everything. YEY! No classes RULES! haha.

This day was okay.. I think. Hehe. Filipino was boring. Nagyabang na naman siya. Tssss. The hell. Haha. After Mam Raquepo left, i realized that it was our last lecture day with her! Ohmeeged... so i told Mina that we really should eat later and celebrate. We has Envi next and i read... yes, i read the book while she is discussing. Mas natuto ako! HAHAHAHA =)) Mam Puno is absent... AGAIN. I was really hungry so i asked Mina and Barbie to eat.. Part 1 ng celebration. We bought fried pansit near Mini Stop(Forgot the name), then we went to 7-eleven to eat. They bought drinks, i did not but after eating, i bought one too. Haha. I also bought Crunch for desert. Ohhhmaaygaas. Bulsa ay nabutas na naman. haha. We promised ourselves that we will not have the PArt 2 anymore. Haha. We went upstairs because it was already 1:55. Hehe. Jigs was collecting for the class fund. Barbie and I paid our debts so that we will not eat later. haha. We had our last period, Math. I felt sleepy. Haha. He discussed the ... waiit. i forgot. hahhaha =)) YEY Dismissal na.

We went to the Main Building because Barbie and Mina will pay their tuition fees. I accompanied them because i was waiting for my transcript. We made contracts. HAHAHA. Eto eto...

Kapag kami ay nagkaTRES:
MINA: Magpapakalbo ng buhok pero right side lang.
BARBIE: Maglalaslas sa dalawang pulso(EMO. HAHA)
STEPH: Magpapabungi ng ngipin, alternate! =))

Haha. Super funny talaga. After laughing, I got my transcript. Then, we went to our building to get the book and photocopy of Barbie. We saw Marvsz in the org room so we chilled. HAHAHAHA =)) We talked and talked and talked. Lol. We also looked at the proposal for the new uniforms. HAHAHA. Ang funny.. there was one drawing there... it was a short skirt na parang pag-hula. HAHAHA. Nagjojoke kami na straw yung gagamitin. HAHA. super funny talaga. The people there were laughing at us. HAHA. Okay naman yung iba but not really satisfied. Hehe. We went down to make chika again. Haha. Okay, i am not leaving UST! My gawd, i just applied in that school. I really do not think that i will pass. Sheesh, stop teasing. Okay. Enough. haha.

We then went home. Barbie and I and Mina parted ways. Mina went to Dapitan then Barbie and I headed for Espana. Barbie was supposed to go home but... she followed me! haha. Walang magawa ang bata. Lol. Hinatid ako hanggang Espana at inintay pa akong makasakay. Umabot na kami ng P.Noval. Haha. We saw Yrish waiting for an FX so we joined forces(LOL.).. it worked. HAHAHAHA. Laughtrip lang kaming tatlo ni Barbie. There was these high school girls and they saw an FX(SM Fairview).. they RAN AFTER THE FX! LITERALLY! AS in tumatakbo sila. Haha. IT WAS REALLY FUNNY! So we were inspired by them. Barbie, Yrish and I were ready to run. HAHA. When we saw an FX, people walked fast so we thought there was no more space. Then nakita naming may isa pa sa likod so i told Yrish to go first but ayaw niya. Haha. Then, narealize namin na dalawa pa pala ang pwede kasi meron pa sa harap.. narelaize lang namin nung may nakasakay na. Everybody was looking at us. HAHA. Napahiya kami! =)) Good one! haha. Tas yung next FX na, talagang hinabol na namin ni Yrish! LITERAL! Ginaya namin yng mga bata. WAHAHAHAHA =)) We were laughing and laughing and laughing. Super tinatawanan namin yung sarili namin ni Yrish. Haha. It was really a very memorable day for me. Haha. It was my first time to ran after an FX! haha. That's how desperate we are. lol. Yrish and I talked about our classmates and teachers. Haha. Backstabbers. lol. I really had fun.

I arrived my house at 6 something PM. haha. It was quiet and i just got the mosquito trap and killed some mosquitoes. hahaha. It is my hobby! =)) Anyways, Gladys is sick.. AGAIN! oooh, pray for her. :)

I am missing these peeplets... bigtime!

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