Friday, March 7, 2008

One more Chance TIME. :))

Dahil nagka-leche leche yung mga post nung dati... balik ako sa dating url. SORRY!! haha. xp :)) Oh well papel. I am still sick of all these school works. I do not want to have SUMMER CLASSES! I have plans this summer. There's my debut, the ILC, the youth camps and other stuffs. I am planning to take summer jobs too since i will be turning legal already! haha. Plus, moooore bonding time with high school friends. I wouldn't waste my time staying at home(parang last summer. haha). More time with family too. I want to go to a lot of places this summer. Oooh, so no to summer classes! :)


Han said...

Tepaiiiiiiiiii! ^^ IMY <3 yay. blog blog blog! damihan mo pics mo ah. lmao.

tepaio1 said...

Oh sure. If that is what you want. haha :))

deynahdana said...

sexxxxyy. naku ako nga unang blog ko palang iyon. ikaw ah! hihih.. more pics okei..

tepaio1 said...

Sexxy. Haha. ako super rami na. Daming issues. lol. xp Sure i will. haha

Joanna said...


TEPAI loser. hahahahaha
Talk to you soon. >:D<

tepaio1 said...


Joanna Feeler! HAHAHA. Whhaat?
Yea, talk to you soon. IMY!