Friday, March 14, 2008

I have been TAGGED

Post 10 things that recently made you happy, then tag ten other people and spread the LOVE!

1. Kuya Jim is back in the house :) I missed him
2. Lecture days are over! Yipeee. No more boring lectures.
3. I splurged a while ago :) I ate a lot of things(THINGS? HAHAHA).
4. Twin and Pawe are going to the ILC.
5. The pictures i stole from Ja's blog. HAHAHA. Really really made me happy.
6. I am done with my TERM PAPER! Wheew.
7. I met with Roz a while ago. Yiheee.
8. The Crank that Simpsons video in You tube. Really made me smile.
9. The remix of Bb. Pilipinas' Janina San Miguel. I just watched it over and over again. Haha.
10. The videos from Barbie's multiply. PLOCK TIME! haha. Plus the adventure in Malabon Strait :)

Tag you're it:
1. Anne Xtiane
2. Dana
3. Miann
4. Hannah Cubos
5. Gracie
6. Kisty Mea
7. Ketket <
8. Keiyt
9. Xyla De Vera
10. Leigh de Guzman


janelleregina said...

What about kuya Jim? San siya nagpunta? =))) Chismosaaaa.
I-kamusta mo naman ako kay kuya Jim at kay Gladys. =)

OMG. Natiis mong panuorin ng paulit ulit yun remix ng answer ni janina san miguel? Nako. Inulit ulit na nga dun yun mga, "tuff tuff tuff ttuff tuff tuff ten tuff ten ttttuff ten" Owgaaaaad. Kakaloka =)))

tepaio1 said...

Haha. Secreet. Lol. Mahabang storya eh. As in suuupper haba. Hahaha. Okay.

Oh yes. Haha. yung remix lang pero yung totoong video.. ohmeged. isang beses ko lang pinanood kasi nahihiya ako. haha