Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I missed blogging and everything. After a week long sacrifice, I can internet again. Yipee. Anyways, this week was one hell of a week! :D So, here's everything that happened:

Finals week.. OKAY. Let's not talk about this. I am just happy that everything is finished. I dont wanna see my grades, it will ruin everything. Well, I am just praying and hoping that I won't see a 5 on my grades. Waaah. Anyway, I am so ready for summer! :D

Wednesday-- March 20, 2008

I will miss my seatmates, Rian and Roma :) As in super.

Last day of Finals. :) Never mind the finals. I just want to go home. We went home early, mga 12pm :) I went home, ate then took a bath. Di na ako inintay nila kuya so nag-commute ako papuntang Trinoma. I arrived there and they were already inside the movie house. I saw Patice, with her new hair. Me love :) then i went inside. We watched Step Up 2.

I super had fun. I missed them so much. We watched Meet the Spartans too. haha. Todo gastos na eh. Oh well. Word for the day: GREPA. haha. Si Patice kasi eh. Hehe. Then pagkatapos ng lahat, tumambay lang kami sa labas. May ritwal kaming ginawa ni Jessie. WAHAHAHAHAHAH =)) joke. Then we went home, nag-taxi kaming lahat pauwi. haha. Oh well, see y'aalll on the 27th. :) Movie Marathon.

Friday-- March 21

I do not have any plans today. So we just watched a movie, 27 dresses :) Then after the movie, we watched TV.. 7 last words. Oh yea, but i did not finished it. Haha. I sat down on the couch upstairs then i called Gladys and invited her to play... HAHAHAHA =)) We played Hide and seek! WAHAHAHA =)) super pawis na pawis ako after. Super laughtrip. Then we played golf. Haha. Isa lang nashoot ko. wala talaga akong future. haha. Then ayun. haha. Pagoood. :))

Saturday-- March 22

We went to Antipolo baby. Dinalhan namin si Kuya ng food. Haha. Tas nagpoker sila kuya. We just played with Sining, ate then played with Sining again. Haha.

We also walked around Cotton woods. It was a nice subdivision. Sabi ni kuya, parang subdivision ng mga kabit. kasi super tahimik at magaganda yung house. hahaha. Lol. Anyways, super konti lang nung tao. tas maraming bahay na hindi na tinitirhan. Katakot. hahaha

After all the walking, eating and playing.. we went home at around 7pm na. Di na ako sumama mag-mass sa Ateneo kasi 8pm yung mass. Super raming tao na nun. haha. So we just went home tas tambay sa bahay. I took a bath kasi super lagkit ko then i slept. Nagsleep over ulit sila Kuya dito. haha. xp

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