Monday, March 24, 2008

Mall hopping

Today has been a very tiring day. MY FEET HURTS. I woke up VERY early with 4 hours of sleep then i ate and took a bath. Sumabay ako kila Kuya Tidge tas binaba nila ako dun sa malapit sa MRT Q. Ave Station kaya naglakad ako. Yiieee, i really feel that i am a commuter! HAHA xp Then i went to UST. I texted Sheena.. UNFORTUNATELY, she woke up late and told me she wont go to UST so i was all ALONE! haha. I went to church because i miss that place then i prayed and stayed there for a looong time. HAHA. Then i went to St. Raymunds Bldg to get the letter from the guard. Hehe. Then i went to Photoprints because i printed some pictures for something. HAHAHA xp Shhh. lol. By the way, i realized something today(while i was making tambay with Papa Jesus in the Church).. i suddenly thought that i wanted to do something today.. to help i mean. So i got the free spaghetti from Jollibee (Thanks to BPI. haha) then i gave it to the lady on the overpass. I was really touched when i saw her REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY! I never saw someone like that.. yung mukhang gusto kang i-hug at i-kiss ng ilang beses sa sobrang saya. Basta.. from super nagmamakaawa to super saya. WOW! One of the BEST-EST feeling in the world. Kaya from now on, i will try to help someone.. once a week. Anyways, after the super inspiring moment, i went to SM North because i dont wanna go home yet. LOL.
I window shopped then i wanted to watch a movie.. so i did... BY MYSELF.. ALL ALONE! WAHAHAHAH. I watched My Big Love.. BY MYSELF. hahaha xp First time babeeeh. It was weiiird. haha. xp Anyways, after the movie.. i bought a top then books. I waited for Gladys because she asked begged to go ice skating with her. HAHAHA. kidding. Ayun, when we got there.. i am so tired and i am not really an expert on ice skating so we watched Over her dead body instead. HAHA xp Then we ate at Red Ribbon before going to the movies. After the movies, we window shopped and strolled around Toy Kingdom.

Then we ate at Go nuts Donuts then we decided to have dinner at Tokyo Tokyo which sucks coz i did not like the food. I am starting to hate Tokyo Tokyo. Their tempura is getting smaller. Tsss. haha. Anyways, inintay lang namin si Kuya Ed.. Mga 9pm na niya kami nasundo. Waaah. tagal. Haha. Then super pagod na ako ngayon. HAHAHA xp Ayun, but i had lotsa fun. :)


Ashen said...

Ang bait naman niya. It's good na you had fun naman kahit na super napagod ka. Hope that you will have fun during the rest of your summer! :)

tepaio1 said...

Thank you so much :D

janelleregina said...

woah step. ikaw ba yan?? oh nooo. hindi ikaw yannn. bring back stepai!! evil twin!! hahahahahahah

teka, san galing si gladys ba't bigla na lang siya nasa sm north? haha

tepaio1 said...

Hahahaha. AKO TOH! Gaga ka! hhahaha.

Sinundo niya ako. haha