Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh Happy Day

March 11-- may strike. I am really wishing that classes will be suspended. Lol. but... NOT! I woke up with my alarm, Crank that Souljaboy. Haha. xp I was on the computer after taking a bath and eating cereals.. mga tatlong subo lang =)) Then it was already 9AM and i saw my sister getting dressed. She was sick so i asked her if she's going to school again. She said she's going with me. Haha. Little did i know, we were going to have breakfast. Good thing i only ate cereals.

There was TRAFFIC in some parts of Commonwealth. Rawr. I knew that i was going to be late. Lol. We ate at I have to eggs. Haha. The name is really funny! Lol. Gladys and I had a GRAND SLAM BREAKFAST! Lol. I ate a pancake, bacon, egg, hash brown and a T-bone steak. Whooaah! GRAND SLAM TALAGA! =)) Anyways, i liked the steak, egg and bacon. The hash brown is too oily and i do not like the pancakes. haha. PEACE! :) Lol. Anyways, we left I have two eggs and it was already 11:15am. I texted Barbie that i will be late. Haha. I arrived UST at 11:45am.
Saw this in the CR of I have two eggs. Lol.
Abot pa ako sa Theo so i went up and Mam Timbol was discussing about marriage. Booring. haha. I do not want to get married. Lol. HAHAHAHA =)) Anyways, after theo we had accounting. QUIZ! I think i failed that quiz. Haha. i am not feeling well that time. We had History after and she talked about the presidents of the Philippines. Sinabi niya si Ninoy! haha. Lol. Adik! After that we had Psych. Woot woot. I really had fun. SUPER LAUGHTRIP lang kami. Barbie sat beside me because Mina sat in Sheena's chair. Then Marvsz was in front of me and Rap sat beside me. Barbie and I were talking about my father, Tirso Cruz. WAHAHAHAHA =)) Then she asked me how Tita Donna is. HAHA. I do not know who Donna Cruz is so they laughed at me. Haha. Then we talked about our dreams ni Barbie. haha. Si dreamboy ko at si Marvin na kalbo! Super laughtrip talaga! Tas may nagrereport habang kami ay nagdadaldalan. haha. Oh well. We also talked about summer jobs. Si Barbie, mag-aaply na maid samin. Papalitan daw niya si Ate Rocky! haha.
After class, we went to Chubby Kitchen to eat. They ate mojos.. i ate nothing. haha. After eating, we walked and saw the free bus ride to Cubao. Mina asked the guard and rode the bus. Yey, nagfieldtrip siya mag-isa! =D Kasi nga may strike. Haha. Tas kami nila Marvsz at Barbie, pumunta sa main building to pay our tuition. Wala akong pila kasi card binayad ko so i decided to apply for my transcript too. Hehe. Waaaah, i really think Marvin is mad at me. I AM SORRY! :(
After finishing everything, Kuya Ed was waiting and I went home. yey. Kuya Jim is back in the house! Lol. I missed him. :)
I am now procrastinating again. I have 16 pages for my term paper. Haha. Yey. Konti na lang :)

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