Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rate My Life Quiz

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 6.1
Mind: 4.8
Body: 6.4
Spirit: 7.1
Friends/Family: 5.9
Love:Not enough information
Finance: 5.5
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I saw this from Feiyie dearie. xp What's with the results? haha.

Your Life Analysis:
Life: Your life rating is a score of the sum total of your life, and accounts for how satisfied, successful, balanced, capable, valuable, and happy you are. The quiz attempts to put a number on the summation of all of these things, based on your answers. Your life score leaves room for improvement. You can make changes to improve your trouble areas, and this will bring you greater satisfaction. Focus on your weakest points and set about to change them. Do not delay your happiness and success. (I am still young! haha. Still needs a lot of
Mind: Your mind rating is a score of your mind's clarity, ability, and health. Higher scores indicate an advancement in knowledge, clear and capable thinking, high mental health, and pure thought free of interference. Your mind score is rather low, which means that your mental state is not in tune. Learn to filter out the noise of everyday life. Unplug, relax, read a good book. Take up a new area of study. Simplify and focus your mental energy and your mind function will improve.(HAHA. My mental state is not in tune. Lol.)

Body: Your body rating measures your body's health, fitness, and general wellness. A healthy body contributes to a happy life, however many of us are lacking in this area. Your body score is fairly average, which means there is room for improvement. Keep a focus on your physical health. Protect your body as it is your most valuable physical asset. Nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise are key. (I am healthy? Lol. I eat a lot lately. lol.)
Spirit: Your spirit rating seeks to capture in a number that elusive quality which is found in your faith, your attitude, and your philosophy on life. A higher score indicates a greater sense of inner peace and balance. Your spirit score is relatively high, which means you are rewarded by your beliefs. Spirituality is clearly important to do. Never let it slip, and continue to learn and grow. (Oooh. haha, i am very spiritual. I agree. Haha. I knew it, im going to be a nun. hehe)Friends/Family: Your friends and family rating measures your relationships with those around you, and is based on how large, healthy, and dependable your social network is. Your friends and family score is not bad but can be improved. Maintain your current social net, while you try to expand it. Try new things and form new friendships. You will be rewarded greatly. (I love my family and friends... so much.)

Love: Your love rating is a measure of your current romantic situation. Sharing your heart with another person is one of life's most glorious, terrifying, rewarding experiences. The quiz was not able to calculate your love score.Your love score is very low, indicating trouble. There is love out there for you. Seek the advice of wise people on how to go about finding it. Do not lose hope. (WAHAHAHAHA. This is funny! I knew it.. love never finds me. haha. I do not care. That is why i can be a nun. Lol. I am happy, single and proud. Woot woot! =)) )
Finance: Your finance rating is a score that rates your current financial health and stability. Your finances are somewhat in the middle, neither bad or exceptional. Keep doing what works for you, and improve what doesn't. Focus on long-term financial stability as your goal. (I have financers... my parents. lol)

Okay. The results are really funny. Haha. xp Woot woot, i am procrastinating again. I am so sick of thinking about my term paper. I have 33 pages more! haha. Oh well, Ciao. I better get started before i go and procrastinate again. I do not want to cram this. haha. I need higher grades in English. Deyym. lol. PONGKAN! =))


My name is Fei Yie. said...

Toinks. I should've copied the analysis too. lmao. Well. Yah, you're still young. So our scores are not that bad. lol. Ang kulit ng love. Bakit wala? haha.

tepaio1 said...

HAHAHA. i know right? NATAWA RIN AKO! Lol. xp That means wala na talaga akong lovelife. I am going to be a nun. haha