Sunday, March 9, 2008

Night of Procrastination

Grabee, i am really a procrastinator and I can't control it. IM SICK! Lol. After 4 hours of staying in the computer, i only did 3 additional pages for my term paper which sucks! I still have 29 pages to go! WAAAAAH. I am so so so bad. But i am already done with those letters. Sheesh. Oh well, i am so going to cram. Haha. Am i going to fail? Hope not. PRAY FOR ME! =))

Anyways, Kuya Jomi and his girlfriend were here a while ago. Take note, they have a third eye. They were talking in th living room near the library where I am staying.. then Kuya Justine told me that they were seeing a girl.. upstairs.. walking. Hell yea, i was scared to death! =)) So i pretended like i was not affected or something. Lol.

That is why i will be sleeping now because my mom went up already. It is 3:ooAM in the morning... Kuya Justine left.. Kuya Tidge is drunk(lol.)... and i am scared. haha. So CIAO! =D



Wow, procrastination. We have the same HOBBY lol

tepaio1 said...

Haha. Oooh, i know! haha. its fun, right? HAHA