Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last day of lecture

CELEBRATION! Yes, that is what we did after this day. We celebrated because lessons are finally over. 4 more days, goodbye first year! Waaah, too fast. Pwedeng rewind? haha. This is what we did today:

Theology- i was late. Again. I sat at the back with Marvsz, Mina, Barbie and Mossy. Laughtrip lang. Hehe.
Accounting- She was kinda late. Before she came in... Jane, Mina and I were talking. Mina and I were telling Jane about our contract(Pag nagkatres kami.) She was really serious and asked us if its true. HAHAHA.. Words ni Jane: "Magshishift ka?" BWAHAHAHAH. Then came Mam Luna, the best teacher in the whole wide world.. of PLUTO! haha. Kidding. She distributed the last quiz, computed our grades then she left. Haha. Oooh, i need to get a high final exam grade. 90 is enough! PLEASE! Haha.
History- she was late. DOI! haha. She just showed us our PRELIM GRADE. dude, patapos na ang taon. Pano pa kami babawi? Good thing i passed but not enough. Rawr. We just made kwentuhan. Haha. Plus laughtrip with Kristel. HAHAHA =))
Psych- Report na naman. Haha. Go Barbie and sheena. haha. LEADERSHIP! Marvin and I just talked about a lot of things... NOT! Di naman ako maingay.. Si Marvin lang ang maingay.. kala niyo lang sir! hahahaha =))

After classes, we went to our lockers then photocopied some books then off we went. haha. Jeep to SM San Lazaroo(Tayuman, ibang daan. HAHAHA) We arrived there and we strolled. Nagpaload ako then we ate at Greenwich. Oooh, BITIN! hahaha. So Mina, Marvsz and I(ako lang hindi 'M') bought Go nuts Donuts but we were not satisfied so we bought popcorn too then isa isa na kaming nawawala. hahaha. Marvsz, Mina and I rode a Recto jeep. I will ride the LRT and Kuya Ed will pick me up there. Yipeee. ANG TAGAL NAMING NAKAISTAMBAY! haha. Jeep moments.. "BILANGGGOOO" hahaha. xp Okay, nung malapit na kami sa may LRT station, asi in liliko na lang.. a group of guys(GROUP AH) went inside the jeep. I was reallly reaaaly scared plus i was talking to Kuya TJ when they entered. I told Mina that we should go down coz im really scared. waaah. haha but ayun, nagmove na kaya sabi ni Mina, magwait na lang kami. haha. Then nag-LRT na kami at super quiet lang coz pagod na kami. hahaha. Ayun, bumaba ako ng Cubao.

Then i met up with Roz Kabiiit. haha. Kahiya. lol. :) It was fun meeting her. kahit sandali lang. haha. Oooh, thanks for the time roz kabiiit. PILI KA NA! haha. Thanks for sharing your secret to me. lol. kidding. haha. Love yah. Till next time.. with JELALAI! :D Mwah mwah.

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