Saturday, March 29, 2008

High School Memoirs :)

Your Age: 17
Did you Graduate?: Yes.
Where did you attend highschool?: School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City
Was it big or small?: Small? haha
What year was your class?: Batch 2007. E7ite.

-Freshman Year-
How old were you?: 13
Who was your best friend?: My barkada: Marianne, Jessie, Wea, Pig and Ces
Other good friends?: Mariz, Cheska, KM and Hannah
Favorite class/subject?: None? :))
Favorite teacher?: None! :))
Least favorite class?: English
Teacher you hated?: Ms. Galicha, im sorry. "Close the door so that the water wont come in"
Best memory?: The day we sang "Hindi kita malilimutan" for Ms. Serra.. on her birthday with the SUPER cheap cartolina with Happy Birthday greeting. WAHAHAH.
Worst memory?: None? Cant remember.
School trend/obsession?: Haha. Wala.
Did you have a crush?: No.
Boyfriends/Girlfriends?: Ohh. :))
Dances you went to?: None.
Did you adjust to highschool quickly?: Yepyep.
One thing that reminds you of grade 9: I dunno.

How old you were:: 14
Who was your best friend?: Same. Marianne, Jessie, Wea, Pig and Ces
Other good friends?: Mari, Mariz, Dombi, Marla, Cheenee and Gie
Did you have a job?: No.
Favorite class?: Math
Favorite teacher?: Ms. Lagud
Worst class?: Haha. Statistics
Most hated teacher?: --- hahahaha.
Admit it, you enjoyed torturing freshman.: No, im nice.
Clubs or Sports?: Uhm, ano?
Crushes?: Wala. Haha.
Boy/Girlfriends?: Oooh. =))
Best memory?: Everything :D
Worst memory?: Yung nagwala si Ms. Aniago dahil dun sa cellphone thingy. When Wea left. :(
Nights out spent?: none.
Favorite thing to do?: I dunno but its definitely not studying.
How was that summer?: Fun.
One random memory about this year?: the chat filler with Ayra, seatmate :D

Did you start looking at colleges?: No.
Best friend?: Jessie, Marianne and Pig
Close friends?: Mariz, Aura and KC, Bagah and Rhoda are my cheatmates. haha
Best class/subject?: AP, Pinoi.
Best teacher?: Ms. Canivel, Ms. Aniago
Worst class?: MEDIA AWARENESS, Chemistry and Geometry
Favorite memory?: Everything. haha.
Worst memory?: None.
Did you have a job?: No.
How were the nights out NOW?: None.
What did you do?: None.
People you saw most out of school?: Everyone. Haha. Friends.
Dances you went to, and with whom?: Prom.
Boy/Girlfriends?: NONE!
Activities you took part in?: Intrams, "insert subject here" weeks, nutrition month and all those stuff.
Excited for your senior year?: Not really.
One silly thing you remember about this year:: LeSHSbian si JeSHSicca. WAHAHAH xp

At last, right?: YES!
How quick did this seem to come?: Really really quick.
Best friends?: Marianne, Jessie, Pig, Rhea, Ter, Nina, Lib :) Nadagdagan eh. haha
Close friends?: Mahogs people: Kim G, Cheska, Jenjen and Danna. Seatmates: Lara, Kim Mapua and lahat ng malapit sakin. Yung mga word factory playmates. haha
Favorite class?: Filipino
Favorite teacher?: Ms. Aniago
Worst class?: Accounting and CL
Worst teacher?: Them. haha
Favorite memory?: Everything. The Mahogs days. :) Camping :D
Worst memory?: The BLOG thingy. haha.
How was your LAST summer vacation?: Fun!
Did you have all your grad requirments?: Yaaah.
Crushes?: I dunno.
Boy/Girlfriends?: None.
Free time was spent?: Eating, Tambay, Kwentuhan and other stuff.
Did you apply for college?: Yep.
Did you get in?: Not all.
What you wanted to do with your career: I dunno.
Were you stressed often?: Medyo.
Senioritis?: Hahaha. :) Yeh.
Did you get teary eyed at all?: Yeeeh.
Were you afraid to move on?: Not really. Part of me was excited.
Did you/will you go to prom?: Grad Party :D
Who did/will you go with?: Friends.
Did you/will you go to graduation?: Yes.
Class song?: Kaibigang Tunay is LOVE!
Class motto?: Haha. Ewan.

The Future-
How old are you now?: 17
Thing you miss most about highschool?: The people, the school and some teachers.
Thing you miss least?: Haha. Some teachers.
That ONE teacher you'll always remember?: Miss Aniago.
One silly memory?: The blog thing.
One sad memory?: Wea left.
One moment/feeling you'll never forget?: The bonding moments.
Your overall highschool experience was?: THE BEST
Do you still see your friends?: Yes. Except Nina! haha
Your best friend NOW?: Sila paring lahat :)
One thing about your highschool life: na ano? haha. xp
Plans for the future: Just get a job after college
How is it, moving on?: Okay.
Were you ready for it?: Yes.
Closing thought:: I am really missing SHS.

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